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We are delighted to have you visit our blog, dearest kind reader. Today’s post features American artist Anton Commissaris. The well-known singer-songwriter Anton Commissaris, who is famous for his poignant lyrics and evocative melodies, has returned with his most recent single, “Don’t Come Around Here.” The new jazz-blues song was made available on May 31st. The song explores the suffering and difficulty of leaving a poisonous relationship in great detail. Let’s Talk about the song in more detail.

As soon as the song starts, listeners are met with incredible jazz sounds with a nice drum tempo which is fused with Aton’s smooth and silky vocals.

The song captures the raw emotions of heartbreak which includes drinking and getting high(“I’ve been up drinking, I’m getting high, you gone and hurt me now I know why”)and also the struggle to move on from a past love (“I can’t love you so don’t come around here anymore”)This relationship has caused more harm than good and he has finally come to the conclusion that she was wrong for him and he likens the past relationship as a trance he was in or a spell he was under(“had to come out, escape your spell”)Commissaris’s evocative lyrics and powerful vocal delivery are on full display, making this song a poignant addition to his growing discography.

Anton Commissaris’s ability to transform personal pain into sympathetic and poignant music is exemplified by “Don’t Come Around Here.” The words of the song discuss the common experience of battling addiction, heartbreak, loss, and love, as well as the willpower required to move on and never look back. With melancholic lines, a memorable bridge, and dramatic horn arrangements throughout, this blues song in 12/8 minor has a profound effect on listeners.

There’s more to “Don’t Come Around Here” than meets the eye. Anton incorporates beautiful Latin grooves, colourful touches of Soul, R&B, and Funk, and complex Jazz and Blues harmonies into his works. With a focus on daily hardships, persistent obstacles, and our shared search for meaning and purpose, his lyrics explore the essence of life, love, and the human condition. His talent is outstanding, and the music industry will greatly benefit from him and his creativity

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