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Greetings to all music enthusiasts and gentle readers, and welcome to our digital space. US pair Steve and Dolapo.This group Steve and Dolapo consists of Dolapo Oladejo, who writes songs, sings and provides backing vocals, and Steve Petrinko, who produces, writes, sings, and provides backing vocals, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxes, piano, vibraphone, world percussion, and synthesizers. On 21st May this fantastic duo released a ten-track album called “Companion”, let me tell you more about it

The first track on the record is called “Finding Yourself.” The singer of the song exhorts us to discover who we are, grow to know who we are, and discover our life’s purpose to improve it (“finding yourself, you’ll be the happiest”). The song’s light and pleasant style will captivate listeners and persuade them to stay listening, even if it is advisory rather than strictly directive.

You Are the Person” is the name of the following song. The song gets off to a lively start. The song is about friendship, the captivating charm of a person, and how something may be improved just by the way they look. You’ll want to dance because of how lively the instruments are, especially the saxophone solo!

The theme of the song “Dare to Dream” is hope and the seemingly endless possibilities. (“Spread your wings and fly”)It also looks at what’s outside the mental limitations and how to forge your path—a.k.a. “rewrite your story.” The message of the song is one of openness and the ability to overcome any kind of challenge. The music will move you and is encouraging.

“Helping each other be Love” has a catchy opening. The topic of the song is genuine friendship. a connection in which sharing is a deeply joyful experience and a true friendship bond. It’s about loving your friend to help them move past their issues, appreciate life’s beauty, and improve themselves. (“have empathy“). The saxophone solo in the song was incredible, and the music is catchy.

“Reconciliation” is the next song, and it talks about the intentional actions we need to take to live in harmony with one another (“If you see me as your brother, I see you as my own”). It attempts to put everything on the table in an attempt to analyze what initially sparked the conflict, (“we say words that cut so deep”) accept the aspects that caused the conflict, and encourage deliberate attempts on the part of all parties to resolve and move on to a more peaceful state of mind.

Another upbeat song about waking up, feeling the tension of the day start to get to you, and choosing to stop it in its tracks and replace it with something good is “Light and Harmony.” In this instance, a chat with a friend to help calm you down. The song shows how happy and enjoyable the duo’s creative process is in the song. This music makes you feel happy, and you can feel the joy of creating it emanating from it thus elevating your mood

The next song is called “We Are Beautiful,” which makes a great effort to recognize and affirm the inherent beauty that every one of us possesses, despite the variations in our outward appearances. It also emphasizes how beautiful the natural world is and how crucial it is that we preserve, safeguard, and enjoy it to allow its beauty to be seen and continue to flourish. (“We are beautiful “). This song’s framework emphasizes togetherness and beauty, and the instrumentation is fantastic.

The next song is called “Companion”. This song is intimate because Steve penned the song specifically for Dolapo, his best buddy. It describes how their friendship itself benefits and heals him on a spiritual level. Steve is overcome with gratitude for the friendship that has been bestowed upon him from above (“Oh what have I done to deserve you”). He prays for his health and happiness, as well as the continuation of their friendship into the next life, because he is so grateful to God for his friend. It will please you that you can sense the two friends’ love and friendship.

The next song is called “In Your Hand. “The song somewhat slows down the record. This moving song was inspired by the endless amazement that surrounds the idea of creation—how things came to be from the beginning and the majesty inherent in everything, big and little. It was created as a figment of profound thinking and reaction to this idea. It’s a moving song that was inspired by a profound idea and a response to the never-ending mystery that surrounds the idea of creation and how things came to be. The song also submits itself to the will of the Most High Creator. And credits God for all the glory and admiration, for the gift of life and all there was, there is and will ever be. It is a song that acknowledges the presence of a higher power and it is a way of letting listeners in on their faith and beliefs which in turn acts as a way to further connect with the artists

“Superstar” serves as the album’s last track. This song honors the life of a devoted father who captured his son’s heart but had to leave on to the great beyond a long time ago, leaving behind priceless memories of their time together. Not only does this song serve as a beautiful memento of his dad, but it also provides a sense of closure to the lingering sadness he had from not being able to say goodbye to him. Superstar, as the song’s title suggests, is a brief account of the Late Akinlolu Charles Oladejo as seen through his son’s eyes. “He raised me to be who I am.”)This poignant and melancholic tune transports you on an emotional roller coaster, allowing you to experience the musicians’ feelings of sadness and loss as well.

The “Companion” album was a collection of songs that contained engaging stories that I loved tremendously. The bond between the duo is felt when you listen to it. The album oozes love, friendship, and loyalty. Every song was meaningful and well-crafted to indulge your sonic senses. These two have only begun and will accomplish a lot in the music industry

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