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Hi, dearest readers and music lovers let’s welcome the South African artist FIVESIDEDDICE.  FIVESIDEDDICE aka Roscoe Nefdt plays the Guitar, Drums/Synthesizer, and Bass Guitar, and provided Vocals. This artist just released a four-song EP called “Silly Songs for Clever Girls”, the EP was released on 16th June. Let me tell you more about the songs

The first song on the EP is called “Lil Miss Melancholy”. The song has a short intro which is an energetic burst of a guitar sound and the vocals set it. The lyrics of the song describe a scandalous relationship because the lady comes from class whereas the guy’s class is below her (“I’m white trash, she’s upper class”). Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last and she eventually moves on with another guy (“her new boyfriend is kinda lame”), he also seems to have given up on love because of how his previous relationship ended, while he relocated far from her because he can’t seem to forget her(“I can’t let you go”). The song is vibrant in nature and fast-paced but not overwhelming. The song is a perfect introduction to the rest of the songs on the EP

Next is the song “She’s a Computer”. The song begins with these static and electronic and computer-like sounds before the vocals begin. The persona in the song describes his relationship in great detail likening his partner to a computer and its parts. The lyrics inform listeners that the relationship has ended(“I would go back to the days that I still had her”). The intricate use of IT lingo in the song shows how FIVESIDEDDICE is cerebral towards his music, and his psyche. The highlight of the song is not only the lyrics but also the guitar sounds, the mini guitar solos in the song were a pleasant surprise and we get to know a little about his thought process in making music

“The Crystal to my meth” is the title of the next song. The song doesn’t have a lengthy intro. The vocal performance begins right away as he sings about a relationship in full bloom. The character in the song describes himself as half of his partner or something that definitely goes with her. He has called so deep in love that he can’t even believe it sometimes because he would do absolutely anything for her (“18-year-old I would kick my ass if he knows what I’m up to, green tea and a girl who goes to yoga”). The sound on this song builds up, melody after melody till becomes this highly energetic pop-rock song that will thrill you sonically

The last song on the EP is titled “Riddle Girl”. The song has an intro that layers its rhythm as the song builds. The character in the song is fed up and frustrated because the woman in his life speaks to him in riddles, metaphors, and numerals. He has grown so tired of their form of communication that he asks her to let him go(“I can’t stand it anymore let me go”). Musically this song is a bit slower than the other three songs. You can hear his frustration through the expressive vocals and mouth percussion lest I forget. The song has a mind-shattering guitar solo that will excite you. The song closes the album gracefully

This album is one of the good ones I assure you. Each song on the album had a clear-cut message that was easy to understand and relate to. Musically the songs were phenomenal. The songs stay with you even after the songs have ended. I implore you to give this EP a chance and you will not be disappointed. FIVESIDEDDICE is a brilliant artist and he will dominate the music scene soon

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