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Greetings, devoted readers and music lovers! Please welcome to our blog Miami-based band The Pandora Eyes. The Eyes of Pandora is made up of Robert Gaueits on electric and acoustic guitars Susan Tojo on lead vocals; Eric Alexandrakis on guitars, both electric and acoustic; elbow, synths, piano, percussion, backing vocals, effects, bass, popcorn organ Derek Murphy on drums, Amanda Green on piano, and Carlos Gutierrez on bass.

The band’s album, “Eyes Of Pandora,” which was released on March 13th, is a 12-track alternative rock record that was entirely performed live without the use of computers, pitch correction, or quantization. It was produced by two-time Grammy nominee Eric Alexandrakis, who was introduced by Duran Duran’s John Taylor. The album promises to titlate ones senses whiles taking them on an awesome musical adventure, let me tell you more about it

“Welcome” is the song that welcomes us to “Eyes of Pandora.” A catchy and upbeat guitar sound combined with a dynamic drum beat introduces the tune. In the song, the character encourages you to accept things as they are and extends a warm welcome to you, saying things like “where actions such as yours are condoned” and “welcome to the way it is around here.” A enthusiastic scream in the middle of the song and an extremely exciting guitar sound are only two of the layers that are revealed as it progresses. Were you made to feel welcome on the album? since I absolutely did!

The song “Rosemary Says” is the next one, and it starts with an intense guitar intro. “Rosemary says, nobody ever wants her” is the song’s description of the character known as Rosemary, who keeps to herself because no one else wants her. This song has incredible guitar melodies, and the electric guitar solo is something to die for. This song is really thrilling because of the aggressive guitar tones combined with the amazing vocal performance!

Next up comes the tune “1969.” The band sings about the persona in the song’s life while the lovely guitar strum draws you in. Riding shotgun in 1969, and pursuing and pursuing one’s aspirations at that time. The song’s stirring lyrics conjure up images of carefreely travelling in a shotgun-style automobile, hair blowing in the breeze, and following the direction the wind leads. You will be itching for more after listening to the electric guitar solo, which will give you chills! This upbeat melody takes listeners to a carefree world and evokes nostalgia for the good old days.

The country-influenced song “Down to the River” asks why there is so much misery, suffering, conflict, and genocide in the world. The song’s lyrics are beautifully rendered by the vocalist, which helps the audience fully get the meaning of the song.

“Burn For You” is the name of the next song. This song also has elements of country music. The character in the song proclaims her unwavering devotion to her partner, saying, “I’ll burn for you if you’ll burn for me, I’ll do anything that you want me to.” The intensity of the persona’s love will be extra clear to you if you have watched the popular Netflix series Bridgerton. The vocal performance is superb, and the lyrics properly portray this all-consuming love.

The opening twang of “Damaged” is incredibly thrilling. The song discusses the fragile nature of trust. In actuality, there are situations when saying sorry won’t set things right and the harm has already been done (“the damage is done and there is nothing you can do”). The music is really fast-paced, yet it’s skillfully written so you don’t get lost and can genuinely enjoy it.

The song “Lust and Lies” follows. Once again, this is a foot-tapping song about recognizing deceit, deception, and treachery in others and wishing them an excellent future. A vibrant and incredible soundscape is produced by the song’s sharp lyrics and enticing vocal performance.

The next track, “The Hard Hand of War,” is a pivotal and really impressive piece of the album. As the song’s title suggests, it emphasizes the terrible consequences of war. (“all the blood spilled in haste”) The lyrics of the song discuss how mothers would grieve when their children pass away (“a child will die and a mother will mourn”). The song has a slow start before picking up speed near the finish. The band deserves praise for sharing this important message with us, and the sweet vocal performance is exquisite!

“Factory City,” another song with a strong country influence, comes next. A factory worker, his ideals, and his entire life are depicted in the song. This man is extremely committed to his work, as evidenced by the callouses on his hands. The intriguing lyrics provide us a glimpse into the life of this diligent man.

Next up is the song “Intentions.” This is just another upbeat song about how people’s actual intentions impact each other. You will go on an incredible auditory journey with the stunning electric guitar solo in the middle of the song!

The beautiful “It won’t be long” comes next. Although they have been apart for some time, the character reassures her significant other that she will soon be in his arms (“No, it won’t be long till I’m in your arms”). The song is a lovely ballad about missing someone, and it is performed in a way that will stick in the minds of listeners for a very long time.

The album ends with a song called “Free Me”. The song begins with a very captivating electric guitar Sound. The persona cries out for freedom from going back to making bad decisions in love (” Free me free me, free me from my sadness, free me, free me, free me from my madness, free me, free me, free me from myself”). The persona wants to be free from a repetitive cycle of wrong choices and the repetition of the line “free me” and the musical structure enhance the desperation And urgency Of the message of the band. And with a bang! The band ends this musical voyage!!

Eyes of Pandora have bleed a piece of their souls into this fantastic musical masterpiece. Every song was distinct and outstanding and the guitar melodies were awesome and on point in every song! They have shown their musical prowess with this album and have shown that they are here to stay!

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