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Hello everyone!! Welcome to our blog. Let’s welcome the Asheville-based band Fantømex. They’re a Western North Carolina-based indie punk/post-hardcore band that was formed in 2017 by longtime friends Edwin Mericle on drums and guitarist Isaac Crouch. Abigail Taylor, the band’s vocalist, adds intensity, thought-provoking lyrics, and wild counter-rhythmic melodies to the mix. Max Miller completes the group with rapid, punchy bass lines and inventive, ever-flowing songwriting. The group has graciously blessed our ears and playlists with an EP they released on 16th February titled “Chimera”. The EP is a 4 song masterpiece that contains unique sounds sure to take listeners on an unforgettable music journey. Let me tell you more about this EP.

The EP is kickstarted by “I Declare a Clone War”. The beginning of “I Declare a Clone War “sounds a lot like a childhood game we used to play ( “one, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war”) and instantly piques your attention. It talks about a predator who hides in plain sight.

The song serves as a warning about the unsung hero of maintaining patriarchy—the “Nice Guy”—who enters femme and queer places posing as an ally to obtain access to women’s bodies because he feels entitled to something because he pretended to listen. He’s a brain-eating zombie masquerading as a decent guy. The musical instruments are flamboyant and the vocal performance is fiery. The design of the song is meant to keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more and excited to hear what comes next.

The next song on the EP is titled “Spock Choy”.” Spock Choy “is another rock-infused song, when the song starts you are amazed by the quality of the music you’re listening to. The guitar foundation is perfect and the raw and intense vocal performance is amazing. The theme of Spock Choy is envisioning what a revolution would look and feel like, and how it feels like an animal trapped in this hellscape of neo-capitalism. It’s a middle finger to being oppressed by “the man “ and rightfully so. The enthralling guitar sounds, enthusiastic drums, and vocals make this a magical and eye-opening sonic experience.

The third song is “Push Up King”. “Push Up King “starts with some lovely electrical guitar sounds before the vocal performance begins. The song is about the liberating realization that there are a million more productive things you can do with your time than to waste it with someone who doesn’t appreciate you, and it also partly dabbles on the theme of sexual tension. Throughout the song, the musical instruments and vocal performance oscillate from Low to high and vice versa. Because of the way the song is structured, it is unpredictable and exciting as you don’t know what to expect but will you be disappointed?? Hell no!!!

Last but not least is the mighty “A Duck of a Different Color “A Duck of a Different Color begins energetically with a fantastic drum and guitar intro. The song A Duck of a Different Colour captures the sensation of yelling at a brick wall at someone uninterested in your continuous wish for a better world. The song perfectly captures the frustration and essence of talking to someone who is not interested in what you have to say in its lyrics and vocal performance. The whole song is very exciting and is the best way to close such an EP. Even after the song ends you can still hear the music in your mind due to its rock elements and it leaves a lasting impression on the listener

Wow! What a ride! What a fantastic journey!! “ Chimera” is a tick masterpiece on every level. These guys are rock stars at every turn. These songs don’t contain any beats or computer sounds, they are just pure rock in all its glory! You can see that there is blood, sweat, and hours spent in the rehearsal space to achieve the ideal energy and balance in these songs. These songs are a direct punch to the face, filled with unadulterated intensity and, I believe they will put on a KILLER live performance.

Stream the “Chimera“ EP on Spotify

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