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Hi, dearest music lovers and fans welcome to our blog, today we highlight the work of Fatihah. Born and raised on the colorful streets of St. Louis, Missouri, Fatihah has spent more than thirty years as a major player in the underground rap scene. In the 1990s, he began his career as a teenage lyricist and worked his way up through the gritty alleys and block parties of St. Louis, Missouri, perfecting the craft of using rhythms and rhymes to express stories. With his much-awaited debut song, “Elevate Your Mind,” which was released on 9th February, Fatihah is finally taking the stage after years of honing his skill and making behind-the-scenes contributions. This song captures his journey by fusing stories of adversity, victory, and the beat of the city streets. Now let’s get into it

Right from the jump, the beat is thumping, high energy and you know that Fatihah did not come to play. He then proceeds to rap about bettering oneself with quick and witty wordplay. The synths combined with the heavy beat make this a truly mesmerizing and resounding song

Lyrically the song talks about elevating oneself and getting oneself together. The persona takes on the role of a “preacher” and talks about how to move forward in life and relationships by cultivating one’s mind and keeping it free of gossip and other toxic traits. Fatihah’s continued repetition of the lyrics captivated listeners to understand the message of the song. His rap performance is very smooth and reminds me of a young DMX in his prime and makes listening to the song very nostalgic and exciting.

This song was very creative and amazing to listen to and it was all due to the production quality. It was made with love and you can tell by the way the lyrics and the beat coordinated perfectly. Nothing was offbeat and it bears the makings of every excellent rap song. Fatihah put his many years of experience to good use in making and producing this song

Overall “Elevate Your Mind” by Fatihah is a unique song borne out of years of hard work and dedication to the music craft. By demonstrating that commitment, tenacity, and staying true to oneself can result in eternal talent, Fatihah hopes to inspire the future generation. He is ready to make a lasting impression on the rap scene and establish himself as a true hip-hop icon as he releases his debut single.

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