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Fleeting Persuasion Night Arrives

Fleeting Persuasion Releases New Single “Night Arrives”

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Fleeting Persuasion have released a new emotional track called “Night Arrives,” their first song for this year. Since the release of their album “Forever Caught” in 2019.

James Spencer Harrison, a prolific Melbourne-based creative who has produced multiple well-received albums, singles, and EPs under the J M S Harrison name, has published his latest project, Fleeting Persuasion. The most recent, 2017’s Traced Out LP, saw James move closer to a full-band sound that was thicker and richer. As a result, the name was changed to Fleeting Persuasion.

In 2019 Fleeting Persuasion released the album Forever Caught. Harrison captured a set of songs that possessed echoes of The Cure, tightly woven post-rock, and Australian acts such as Bluebottle Kiss filtered through his own brand of heart-on-sleeve melancholia at Crosstown Studios in Preston, VIC, with Josh Whitehead, who had recorded, mixed, and mastered the three previous J M S Harrison releases. It was unmistakably indie rock, but the kind that lurks in the shadows, always carving out new angles and creating intriguing dynamics.

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Due to COVID regulations, Harrison was unable to jam with a drummer or finish a half-finished new album before the middle of 2021, so he began writing a new batch of songs. “Knowing what the beat will be is such an important thing for me early in the composition phase, so I started fooling around with beats and keys for maybe a dozen new songs using a poor recording tool,” he reveals. Harrison laughs, “I called Josh at Crosstown Studios and handed him the demos and he told me I was crazy for starting a new project.”

J M S has established himself as a regular fixture on the live music scene, providing the perfect mood setter opening for such renowned artists as Painters & Dockers, Steve Kilbey (The Church), Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss), Peter Fenton (CROW), and Hermitage Green by dividing his time between Fleeting Persuasion and solo pursuits (Ireland).

James also makes regular appearances on 3RRR Live-To-Airs, and he composed and played on the alt-rock project Old Etiquettes’ debut album. The four-piece supported Australian giants The Clouds and Falling Joys at Croxton Bandroom to celebrate the release of ‘A Blur Again.’ Take a trip with James on his latest album, Forever Caught, as he continues to create and evolve.

Listen to Fleeting Persuasion Night Arrives song below.

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