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Salutations to all of you! We would like to extend a hearty welcome to the US band Frequency Overload. Corey Schaefer on guitar, Kevin Daily on drums, Steve Little on bass, and Mr. Bush on clava are the members of Frequency Overload. On February 24th, this band published a video named “The Pain Factor.” You will be thrilled when you see this video, which will paint a picture of the song’s meaning. Let’s discuss this amazing video.

This heavy metal song starts with very high energy and the drums and guitar sounds go crazy

A lyric video for this song has been released. “The Pain Factor” was written to elucidate the mentality of an individual who participates in self-mutilation.” Crows, bones, and skulls are among the gloomy images in the video. The video director’s decisions convey the song’s meaning, and we are given the whole experience and imagination.

The song features a variety of guitar tones throughout in terms of production. The oscillation was of a pretty fascinating kind, ranging from high to low.

In general, “The Pain Factor” is a really significant song. People who deal with self-harm or self-mutilation will find this music to be comforting and uplifting. Bravo to the band for bringing attention to this delicate matter. The group is so amazing that I can’t help but wonder, where have they been throughout my life?

Watch “The Pain Factor” video below

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