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Bekim Next to Me

German-based R&B Composer Bekim! Releases ‘Next to Me’

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“Next to Me” starts off with a 90s-style beat, but after the vocals come in, the song quickly transforms into an r&b track. The already addictive tune gets even more mesmerising once the chorus arrives, drawing the listener even closer than before. Long-time r&b and hip-hop fans will appreciate how Bekim! acknowledges other musicians from whom he was influenced, aside from the captivating melody and tempting groove. The words “I’ve got love on it” seem similar to Luniz and Michael Marshall’s 1995 hit “Got five on it,” which is addressed in both lyrics and melody throughout “Next to Me.” The composer and producer talent of Bekim! is brilliantly displayed throughout “Next to Me.”

Bekim!’s latest track, “Next to Me,” will appeal to fans of 90s pop and early 2000s r&b. The single features an enthralling tempo, compelling melody, and seductive vocals, making it the ideal companion for anyone’s summer of 2022. With its three minutes of never-ending thrill, the song will get any party started.

“Next to Me” by Bekim never gets old for the listener because it builds up the tension throughout. It seamlessly switches from a 90s r&b sound to rap and pop the next minute, creating a genuinely unique track. “Next to Me” by Bekim! is the ultimate club, party, or kickback tune. Some individuals will appreciate the influence of past 90s r&b performers, while others will enjoy the song regardless of the backstory. In any case, Bekim”Next !’s to Me” is sure to put everyone in a good mood, which is exactly what music is supposed to do.

Bekim! has that nostalgic and distinct tone that transports you to a time when things were different. He has the incredible ability to just teleport you using his music. One of the best aspects about his music is how fondly we remember it and relate it with a different era.

Bekim! is a German-based R&B composer, producer, songwriter, and lyricist who collaborates with vocalists. Bekim! had always been attracted by music since he was a child. Back in the 1980s, he used to create his own bootlegs. He collected recordings while dreaming of one day composing his own music. He set up a modest studio for himself soon after graduation and began creating and rapping to his own rhythms and music. He was influenced by pop and R&B from the 1990s and 2000s. From Lionel Richie to Ronan Keating, he’s drawn inspiration.

Listen to Bekim Next to Me song below!

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