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Hello and welcome to our blog. Today we feature UK artist Divine Nation. The band is made up of  Paul Connor for vocals and Jezz Watson on music. On 21st June the band released an album called “Enchantment”. This 9 song album is a wonderful collection of music, let me tell you more about it

“Light Never Dies is the album’s title track. The song has a beautiful drum beat. The persona in the song admires a bird flying across the sky and looks at the light across with great admiration. (” We look right across the sky”). He also stresses the importance of life (”in these moments I realize that life is a gift for you and me”)The song has incredible guitar work and the vocal perfect is just genuinely beautiful. The song does a wonderful job of welcoming us to the album

The title of the next song is “Bronko”. This song has an upbeat intro where the instruments are given the chance to shine. The persona in the song likens himself to an untamed horse clarifying to everyone that he was born free. (” Yeah I was born free”) He also explains that he was born to run(”this wild bronko was born to run”). The simile used in the song and well appreciated as he likens himself to a horse that cannot be tamed

Next is the song “Snake Island”. As soon as the song starts you are hit with a super smooth vocal performance. The song details a character who has discovered that he is surrounded by two-faced and cunning people hence the use of the word snake(”just got back from Snake island, hanging out with two-faced people”). He further describes the hypocritical people whose smile don’t reach their eyes. The song is delightful despite its advisory nature and the guitar work is breathtaking

The song that follows is the album’s namesake “Enchantment “. This particular song has a very fascinating electric guitar intro. The song describes a cocky and confident character who is trying to impress a lady and join him on the dancefloor (“You’re enchanted by me”). He goes on to say that even if they don’t dance together he knows he’s made a mark in her life and won’t forget him easily. The lyrics weave a very interesting song and compelling vocal performance

“Sweet Siren” is the title of the next song. Yet again the intro is a lovely guitar sound. The story is that of a sailor who is lost at sea and is suddenly granted the company of a siren. If you’re familiar with Greek you know about sirens who call out out to lost sailors with their beauty and impeccable voices. The sailor in this song appears to be taken by this siren (”love was never an option and I met you”) and can’t be freed(“now it holds me as its hostage”) will be fascinated by this song and the story embedded in it

“Dark lord fails” is the title of the next song. This song is a refreshing Change of pace in the album. The song talks about how we should find light in every aspect of our lives(“shines on and on and on”). The song is a great song with great instrumentation

“Stone by Stone is the song that follows. This is another song with very mellow and soothing instrumentation, especially the electric guitar sounds. The song describes a character who has been abandoned by someone he trusted and the person tore him about bit by bit, piece by piece (”you took me down, stone by stone”), and left him all alone. You can’t hear the dejection in his voice and the song will captivate you throughout

The next song is called Better Not Bitter. The song is another song with a chill vibe. The song is about longing for a person from afar(” You might be the brightest star, I worship you from afar”). The song is delightful and will entertain you

The album ends with a song called “The Plan”. The song is upbeat a song. The song is about a plan the character has with a partner (” We have a plan”)The song is laced with expert guitar playing and creates a unique sonic experience. The song closes out the album in grand style

Divine Nation is really onto something special with this album. The album took a great amount of time and expertise and they killed it. The melodies and the vocal performances of each song were beautiful and unique on their own. This is the journey of greatness the band is on and I’m so excited to be on this journey with them

Stream the “Enchantment” album on Spotify


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