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Welcome, lovely readers and music fans everywhere today we shine a spotlight on our blog for Dr. Dawsound. French producer and songwriter DR DAWSOUND is from Marseille, France. In his home studio, he records, organizes, and performs by himself. His unique quality is that he composes each song by hand, a la a classical musician, devoid of any loops or samples. He is a songwriter, topliner, and “classic” beatmaker. The outcome is a Pop Dance with some vintage-inspired music. With bops like “Deadline “ and “ Blue” Dr. Dawsound has returned to us with another banger titled “Stellar Pulse”, the song was released on 19th January and is a stellar performance (see what I did there?). He works with other worldwide artists to provide voices because he is neither a singer nor a live performer. Daniela Rivera (Atlanta, USA) is the DJ for all of the songs. Mixing engineer Daniela Rivera is a two-time Golden Melody and EMMY Award nominee. Her mixing assistant credentials include Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, and many more. She is a two-time GRAMMY participant in audio engineering. Now let me tell you about the song in this beautiful review.

Just when it begins, you are thrown into a sound and rhythmic space voyage. An intense, throbbing tornado that is simultaneously joyful, laid-back, and seductive is unleashed upon you. A world of pop and R&B where you may dance joyfully and let yourself be carried away with your partner or anyone you want to dance with.

“Stellar Pulse” is a groovy song that talks about how the persona’s love affair is defying all laws of gravity and all laws of the universe. “Let’s defy gravity” is one of the lines of the song and it talks to listeners about how high he deems this love affair. The experience the song gives you is one you cannot put into words

Well, hats off to Daniela Rivera for mixing this great song which has pop and synth vibes to it. The technique is beautiful and unique and results in an awesome song that everyone will enjoy. You can see traces of the Weeknd’s “Starboy” in this song and it makes it an enjoyable experience

Overall “Stellar Pulse” by Dr. Dawsound is a beautiful song that will be sure to get you up on your feet dancing to it and having a good time by yourself or with a partner. The lyrics are bold and interesting and the vocal performance is boisterous and smooth. It is a reflection of DR DAWSOUND’s talent and his future endeavors in the music industry

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