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Dearest gentle reader, welcome to our blog. Today we feature the work of Barcelona artist Iñigo Quintero. Following the global success of his song “Si No Estás”, Quintero presents his first EP “Es Solo Música” (It’s Simply Music). This 5 song EP was released on 19th April and I’m so excited to tell you more about it

The first song is called “Desconocido”. The song has these heavenly sounds that precede the song and carry throughout, however, the song’s tempo picks up and it turns into this pop and up tempo song. The title of the song translates to being “A Stranger”. It seems that the character in the song has become like a stranger to someone he was once familiar with. The song is very compelling changing the pace of the song at every point so you’re surprised and engaged throughout the song. This was a fantastic song to open the EP

“Nadia Cambia” is the next song on the EP. The song opens with very incredible piano sounds before Quintero starts his vocal performance. The title of the song translates to “Nadia Changes.” This song is a very emotive one. The dainty piano sounds, somber melody, and Quintero’s breathtaking vocals make for a heartwarming and endearing experience

Next is the song “Si no estâs”. The song is introduced by Quintero’s strong vocals. The title of the song translates to “If You’re not here” In the song the persona is describing how he feels when his lover is not near him. He’s in despair without her and you can sense the urgency of the persona’s message through Quintero’s flawless vocal delivery

“El Equilibro” is the title of the next song. The song is yet another ballad with a very beautiful melody. The title of the song roughly translates to “balance”. The song is very beautiful and it will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions

The EP ends with the song “Lo que queda de mi”. The song begins with a majestic melody. The title of the song translates to “What’s Left of Me”. The character in the song laments about how he’s left with nothing and feels dejected and Quintero captures the essence and mind frame of the character through his wonderful vocal performance. This song was the perfect end to a perfect EP

The EP “Es Solo Música” emerges as a personal and introspective exploration for Quintero-where music transcends its form to become a means of understanding and expressing his deepest emotions and thoughts. The songs may be in Spanish but it does not take away the feeling, emotion, and quality of the music. Quintero has put his soul into this EP, he’s extremely talented and will break barriers with his music

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