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Greetings and welcome to our blog. Today we welcome back to our blog, up-and-coming Florida artist Pretti Emage. After hearing her song “I Can’t Love You” I fell instantly in love with her music. The song was very delightful and there was a rap that was a happy surprise I didn’t see coming, however, she didn’t step on the brakes. Pretty is back with another single she named “Young and Reckless”. This song was released on 31st May. Let me tell you more about this song

Right when the needle drops you are enveloped with this lovely beat before she starts her performance. You need to brace yourself for the greatness coming your way

The character portrayed in the song is a confident and cocky person(”I’m on my fly shit”). The bragging doesn’t end there as she continues to describe herself in a very flattering light(” My life is a movie and I’m living too fast”). She continues bragging saying she is living on the fast lane(”I’m too lit and I’m reckless”). The way she describes her lifestyle makes you want to be like her. Through the song, she’s asking us to live our youth to the fullest and she does this through a wildly entertaining rap

The song is fast-paced with a very funky beat and Pretti kept the rap flowing freely, verse after verse she kept us on our toes. The lyrics are catchy and her precision is clear-cut and flawlessly

Pretty has impressed me yet again. She has proven that she is a well-rounded artist who is extremely talented. When it comes to singing and being melancholy she got it and when it comes to rapping, well she’s got it as well. She is a clear example of the beauty and talent, watch out world because Pretti is standing on the business

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