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Gl1tch Interdimensional Ear Worms

Gl1tch Latest Track “Interdimensional Ear Worms” Released

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A strong bass dubstep track called “Interdimensional Ear Worms” will get you wasted and have you bouncing around in your automobile. It is his second song that he has released, and it is also his favourite. Even though it slightly freaks you out, Gl1tch’s song will stick in your head because he used a lot of new noises he invented himself to make it.

The mysterious, futuristic start gradually gives way to dubstep viewpoints laden with potent probability and dramatic depictions of the most fruitful. We are effectively teleported on an unheard-of extraterrestrial adventure by the experimental strands, which are heavily infused with sensory character and throbbing, deep bass. Up until it waves to the tracks with a stunning groove and a really intriguing prediction as a strong surprise element!

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Producer, DJ, and proprietor of the upcoming artist collective and record label Antique Records, Josh aka Gl1tch. They are a collective based in Orlando, Florida, and their goal is to develop a local music environment that would enable independent musicians to pursue their passions without giving up all of their legal rights.

Listen to Gl1tch Interdimensional Ear Worms song below.

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