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God From The Machine Given Up

God From The Machine Releases New Song “Given Up”

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“Given Up” was written in the early phases of their musical endeavour, and as a result, it’s gone through a lot of modifications and has been rewritten multiple times. This allowed for not only musical development, but also the investigation of other styles, textures, and concepts before deciding on what you’re hearing now.

God from the Machine began as a writing outlet for Joe and Sam, who had previously been in other bands, and quickly evolved into their primary focus. They spent the previous few years writing, recording, and producing their own music, which eventually became God From The Machine. The project has given them the opportunity to take on new and fascinating parts that they would not have had the opportunity to take on in past musical ensembles. This year, the band will release a number of new songs, and fans are looking forward to seeing them perform live again.

“On this one, we wanted to take a more conceptual approach to the music video,” Sam, the guitarist and co-composer, explains. The video has a strong emotional tone throughout and relies heavily on the symbolic nature of the lyrics, providing the audience with a narrative that may be interpreted in a variety of ways. “Given nothing but time, I became the hopeless dreamer,” says a crucial line in the song, which is also a strong aspect of the video’s premise.

The inclusion of a B side on this Song is the first of many from the pair, and it adds another layer to the listening experience. This breathes new life into a song that might have remained unreleased otherwise, and we’re delighted it made the cut. We’re excited to see the band’s future releases in this format, and we’d love for you to be a part of it at this early stage.

Listen to God From The Machine Given Up song below.

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