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Green signal! Watch the thrilling debut trailer for the reality series Squid Game on Netflix.

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The much-anticipated Korean drama Squid Game will be brought to life in a new reality series on Netflix, and the first trailer is finally here. For a big $4.56 million prize, Squid Game: The Challenge pits 456 real people against one another in a competition using games from the popular series.

All the classic games, including Red Light/Green Light and the Dalgona Honeycomb Challenge, are included in this 10-episode season. But as alliances form and opponents emerge, some “surprising additions” make it even more vicious.

But don’t worry, in this version nobody truly perishes. When a player is eliminated, ink packs explode on their chests to simulate death rather than really killing them. It still shocks me quite a bit!

On Netflix starting on November 22, Squid Game: The Challenge will release new episodes every week until December 6.

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