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Heaven X Leaders

Heaven X Pays Homage in New Song “Leaders”

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Heaven X, alias JC Das, is a Los Angeles-based rapper whose latest track and video Leaders pays tribute to revolutionaries.

Leaders has an old-school feel about it. JC has a boom bap delivery technique. Yet, with deep, melancholy instrumentals that relate to modern emotional hip hop, there’s something fresh and contemporary about it as well. What sticks out the most, though, is the track’s wordplay and message, which includes references to some of the most powerful leaders in recent history.

Heaven X is a lyrical rapper and producer from Los Angeles who is signed to the Venice Music record label, which was formed by Troy Carter, who achieved to notoriety by supporting the careers of global superstars such as Lady Gaga and John Legend. He was most recently the Global Head of Creator Services at Spotify, where he was in charge of the company’s artist and record label growth strategy. Before becoming a monk for six years in India, JC Das (Heaven X) worked as a respite therapist for children with Autism. JC has travelled with KRS-ONE and is a member of The Temple of Hip Hop.

Heaven X Leaders

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After returning from the monastery in late 2019, JC released his debut album, The Enlightenment LP. Heaven X, a music producer with over 150 beats under his belt, is set to make his debut in the spring of 2022. JC Das is also the founder of Good Luck Yogi, a children’s meditation and wellness brand. He recently secured $50,000 in pre-seed funding and is currently working on a mobile app.

Heaven X has relaunched himself as an artist who promises inspiration and happiness as he prepares to fascinate the world with his new album since the lockdown. Heaven X is no stranger to the music industry; with over 250 songs, 400 beats, and 20 videos under his belt, it’s clear that JC’s potential is limitless. With advisors like Wendy Day, who previously made a reputation for herself while working for Tupac, Heaven X will no doubt make the world aware of his talent and aspirations as someone who inspires the next generation.

Leaders is a tribute to the revolutionaries, spiritual leaders, and musicians who have shaped hip hop culture and higher awareness. The film combines vintage footage with performance scenes from Heaven X, which were shot on location in Orange County, California by Alex Stoica.

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