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Hello, dearest readers and music fans today we shine a light on Evansville-based artist Hyyypnos. Fresh off the release of “DIE4ME” in July, Hyyypnos makes a comeback to pose some meaningful questions and deliver some laid-back feelings in his latest release titled “do you believe?”. It was released on 27th June and The song is a fresh and much-needed spin on RNB and will excite you but leave you pondering the message it carries. Let me tell you more about the song

The track begins with this fusion of synth and electric piano sounds that will be thumping beautifully in your ears. The vocals are trippy and the instrumentals will leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped out of your body, what a hypnotic experience!

The song is Putting a new twist on an R&B/Jungle fusion song about whether or not love is real and about falling in love at first sight. In the song, the persona has been cheated on and tries to get answers from the person who hurt him. He laments about how he cannot trust this person through the repetition of the lyrics “I can’t trust in you”. Hyyypnos delivers a magnificent vocal performance and allows you to enter his headspace and feel all of his emotions too. It’s a rare quality for the song to have!

Hyyypnos produced this song and you can see the painstakingly detailed process that went into making this song. It has the makings of a regular RNB song but with his unique spin. The instruments align perfectly well with his flawless falsetto voice thus creating this unique sound and amazing piece of music

Overall, “do you believe?” by Hyyypnos is an emotional song that questions love and everything that comes with it not out of spite but due to his personal experience with it. It doesn’t condemn the experience but laments about its negative side. He produced the song very well and has birthed this stunningly beautiful song. It will fit great on all and every playlist despite the genre.

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