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Welcome everyone!!! I am thrilled to have your captivating presence on my blog today. Today we shine our light on Netherlands-based artist I PANIC. He released his first music in 2021 although he’s been making music for years and has mastered the art because three years later he brought to us his well-thought-out EP called “Growing up in Public” which was released on 16th February. The EP contains 6 amazing rock songs. Allow me to tell you more about each of these songs

The first song on the EP is “Kill the Dog”. This is a typical rock song and begins with one. This a song with ska-punk influences that talks about noisy neighbors and how they can make you insane. The lyrics detail how noisy and inconsiderate neighbors can be whether it’s the wife, husband, or noisy dog. The song’s energy and lyrics tell the listener that the persona has had enough and is ready to take action. The song is fast-paced but rightfully so considering the message of the song. It is very thrilling and is a wonderful way to welcome listeners to the EP

Next Is “I’m here in the fridge “. In this song, A guy is waiting for his proposed partner to return to him in this indie rock hit. The drum intro is fantastic and the vocal performance suits the nature of the musical instruments. It’s an endearing song about waiting for a lover to return (“ I need you here”). The lyrics are clear and easy to follow as they tell you this sad story about a lovelorn man. The result is an all-immersive experience for the listener

Written during the Covid lockdown, the song I Will Never “Let You Down” combines an alternative rock start with a second half that is reminiscent of classic rock and the Beatles. The song describes a person who is reassuring his partner that he will never disappoint her ( “ I will never let you down, o will always be a home)This updated rendition builds to a dramatic crescendo by fusing the original rock band with an almost classical string arrangement that creates a stirring performance that will enchant you

“Stronger” is yet another rock-infused song that has a dark tone and talks about finding strength in weakness (“ never felt stronger than when I’m down”). The persona feels hopeless and embraces that feeling wholeheartedly and uses that as fuel to keep going. Though the tone of the song is dark it is very rousing and inspiring and takes you on a wonderful musical journey

Next Is “Yo-Yo Man” a song combined with ska and reggae elements, and influenced by The Clash. Gerben Westerveld, the other founding father of I Panic, plays the bass guitar. The song describes a relationship where one person cannot make up their mind about what they want from their or partner (“You pull me closer then you push me away, you’re begging me to leave you while you’re asking me to stay”) The sudden change of the song from reggae to rock through the electrical guitar sounds was very impressive!! The song is a unique and powerful musical experience!

The EP ends with the beautiful and majestic “Take My Hand”. It is a ballad in the folk-rock style about those times when all that can be done is to be there for someone ( “ I will stay with you”). The message in the song is just beautiful and sweet and the vocal performance and musical instruments are soft and tender as well. It is the perfect way to end this glorious record and leaves you with a lasting impression long after the EP has ended

Wow! What an EP! What an incredible experience! I PANIC has greatly improved his musical skills and production!! This EP was iconic! One for the books!! Each song was crafted with special care, he also didn’t stick to one genre so any music lover would feel at home listening to it. He is incredibly talented and has a bright future in the music industry!

Stream the “Growing Up In Public” EP on Spotify or SoundCloud

Follow I Panic here and his socials; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Bandcamp, YouTube

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