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Hello lovely readers and music fans let’s welcome to our blog today UK-based artist MBsounds. MBsounnds has defied all ageist ideas of music and has taught himself the art of music-making. He is attempting to bring back the retro ska vibe and introduce a new generation to the ska vibe. His latest song is titled “I Remember the Day”, the song was released on 15th January and is a guaranteed good time for its listeners. Let me tell you more about his latest release

The Acoustic sounds and trumpet-like sounds greet you as the song begins. The artist’s calm and beautiful voice then continues as he communicates the day he met his lover or significant other. His vocal performance will blow you away and welcome you to this wonderful world he has built through his music

Thematically, MBsounds uses his lyrics to weave a pretty vivid picture going into detail about things that happened on the day he met his lover. He sings about how he remembers the phone calls, emails, and even the intimate moments they shared as a couple. His reiteration of the words “I remember the day” relays the passion that he wants to convey through the song. The song is very sweet because who doesn’t love a thoughtful man? In the song he does marry this woman but he sings about how he cannot forget the day he fell in love with her.

Production I have to applaud MBsounds for arranging the instruments in a very beautiful way. The oscillation of his voice from high to low and the beautiful riffs make this song very interesting to listen to. All these elements band together to create something spectacular that the listener will thoroughly enjoy

To conclude, “I Remember the Day” by MBsounds is a cool and chill song with a very relaxing vibe. Although it is quite laid back the lyrics are romantic and will speak to you, his vocals are also outstanding and enjoyable. This is a song you can play for your partner to appreciate them, let them know you’re thinking about them, or on special occasions like on an anniversary. The song is a celebration of love done wonderfully.

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