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In the latest Mean Girls trailer, what exactly is happening?

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Get in, losers, the first trailer for the new Mean Girls movie just dropped — and it is very confusing. The movie, which will be released in January, is a film version of the 2018 stage musical that was an adaptation of the 2004 cult-favorite movie. According to the trailer, it’s also “not your mother’s Mean Girls,” which, rude.

Except for Tina Fey, who plays Ms. Norbury again, most of the cast is made up of new actors from the first film. (Fey also penned the screenplay, just like in the original Mean Girls.) Ashley Park portrays Gretchen Weiners, while Reneé Rapp plays Regina George. Jon Hamm co-stars with Busy Phillips as the erratic mother?

We were largely confused by the trailer’s strange blend of the old and the new. It appears to include Aaron Samuels, attractive Santa outfits, and a burn book. There’s also the Olivia Rodrigo soundtrack, but curiously, none of the musical’s original songs? What is this movie, and more importantly, why is it? We still don’t know.

Watch the movie’s trailer below and let us know your thoughts

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