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Elamar Running

Israeli Pop Singer Elamar Out With “Running”

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Elamar, an Israeli soul pop singer-songwriter, just released the hot new love song “Running.” It has a melodious acoustic atmosphere and a deep, soft rock vocal style that energises the sensation of love.

Elamar Edwards, an R&B and pop performer, offers a passionate pop ballad with a fantastic arrangement on Running. Emalar is an African-American immigrant to Israel who originally originates from the Village of Peace neighbourhood in Dimona. His music reflects the movement’s vegan and spiritual attitude. After his cool 2020 release Breaking Distance, Elamar hasn’t had a new song out for the past two years. Elamar has experience in the performing arts, visual arts, and music. Fortunately for us, Elamar decided to concentrate on music, developing a distinctive style that aims to emote beyond genres.

Elamar’s assured voice and sensual low end swoon over a repeating cascading piano theme to start the song. When the synth bass arrives during the chorus, the song quickly creates anticipation. The track develops into a fast-paced rocking outro as we hear a trap beat rhythm. We hear a pretty recognisable synth lick at the two minute mark. The song masterfully builds up to the delight of its outro chorus. Elamar sings and vocally riffs over the title and the opening piano lick to close the song. Lyrically, the song is about overcoming challenges, finding true love, and improving oneself.

The smooth but solid nature of Elamar’s tenor baritone voice makes it a pleasure to listen to. The highlights of the song are his harsh voice in the chorus and remarkable vocal flexing. The production of the song features some excellent contemporary electropop R&B components. Running has a clean songwriting style with a strong musical and narrative arc. Most importantly, the song has a solid melodic and harmonic foundation that will have you playing it repeatedly. Running is an upbeat R&B vocalist with excellent musicianship and plenty of emotion.

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