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It went horribly wrong when Issa Rae attempted to assist her 5-year-old nephew in winning a popcorn fundraiser.

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The Barbie actress said that, despite her sister’s best efforts, things went horribly wrong when she tried to assist the 5-year-old in a popcorn-selling competition. “Oh, I just noticed that the school is selling popcorn,” my sister tells me. I just really want him to win because the kids are competing against each other.” Rae revealed this to Jimmy Fallon during The Tonight Show’s Tuesday broadcast. Since my sister never asks for anything, I say, ‘Yes, definitely.

Because she didn’t want anyone to feel “obligated,” the Insecure creator and star declined her sister’s request to inform her friends and the staff about the fundraiser. Instead, she chose to “pick up the slack” by buying “a bunch of popcorn to get him to No. 1.” Before long, the corn race became into a family event. “My older brother is obsessing over the game, too, and he’s targeting this one kid who’s actually in first place,” said Rae.

She was ready to do whatever it took to win the competition for her nephew at that point. “He gets to No. 1 and then, at the deadline, it’s 4:50 and I’m like, ‘I know one of these parents, they’re going to try and get their kid up,'” stated Rae. “So, I’m only going to slightly increase [her nephew’s income] at 4:59 on the dot. At precisely 4:59:59, I put a little additional money on there, set everything up, and clicked the buy button. And then I understood… I gave Zulu the item.” She screamed, “And Zulu was in first place!” to a huge gasp from the audience. “Everything is wild in the family group chat. They simply ask, “How”? How did he win

Meanwhile, Rae frantically got on the phone with her bank. “I was calling American Express like, ‘Please, can we cancel? This is fraud!'” she said. “And so it wasn’t until the next day where they were like, ‘Oh, you can cancel it’ that I decided… He got second place. Sorry to Zulu. He dropped down in the numbers.”

It turns out that whether he finished first, second, or last, her nephew wouldn’t have cared. “Do you know what’s absurd? He was indifferent even. ‘You got second place!’ my sister said. And he answered, ‘Oh, okay,'” according to Rae. “[He] had no concern.”

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