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Hello, dearest readers and music lovers today we turn our attention to Jack Raymond, a soloist from Northern Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Queensland, who is excited to announce the release of his debut album, “The Long Story Short,” on February 2.

This is an amalgam of blues, folk, and roots music that significantly references musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Caamp, and Ben Howard. Produced by Steve Summers and recorded at the lush Yama-Nui studio in Wombye, QLD, the EP features an impressive lineup of musicians. Raymond’s vocals and guitar work are complemented by Steve Summers (electric guitars, bass, drums), Jay Bishoff (electric guitars), OJ “Juice” Newcomb (double bass), Laurence Maynard (piano, banjo, mandolin), Patch “Hellhound” Brown (slide guitar), Chucho Bruno (keyboard), Niq Reefman (trumpet), and Steve Summers. This 9 song record is an absolute good time for listeners. Let me tell you more about this fantastic album

The album begins with the country-infused “We’ve All Been There”. The song talks about the struggles and complexities of life and how he relates to the situation. The song makes you feel seen with its cutthroat lyrics and pristine vocal performance. And the trumpet sounds? Are you kidding me? It will leave you utterly speechless. This song sets the tone for the rest of the listening experience and boy does it set the bar high just as it should

“All of Me” begins with these majestic electric guitar sounds as Raymond begins to sing about himself. He describes himself as broken and nothing and in doing so accepts himself no matter what he or others think of him. It is a wonderful song of self-acceptance and that electric guitar solo is stunningly breathtaking and has all the makings of a fantastic song

“Wide Eyes” is another dreamy country-infused song. The song is a poignant song about his lover’s eyes and how they look in the morning sun. It’s a song about the appreciation of his lover’s beauty and how he loves her. This love letter is made perfect through the expert musical arrangement and the strong vocal performance. Raymond paints a vivid picture so well that you can see what he’s saying in your mind’s eye

Next is “Make hay “. The song’s foundation is a beautiful guitar sound and then Raymond proceeds to talk about making hay while the sun shines, a proverb that means making the most of a favorable situation while it lasts. Raymond encourages listeners to live in the moment because moments and life in itself are fleeting. Raymond’s vocal performance is very heartfelt and passionate and that trumpet solo is a wonderful and powerful surprise. All these combine to make a solid and enjoyable song

The album makes a little pivot with “Harriet” which has a slower tempo and Raymond sings about a long-lost love and the letters he has written to her. In this song, he’s a lovelorn man and expresses it quite profoundly. The song is emotional and will thrill you sonically

“Money Won’t Buy Happiness “ is a country rock song that tells listeners that you can’t put a price tag on something that makes you happy. The electric guitar sounds shine through and they blend impeccably with Raymond’s strong and smooth voice. What an exciting trip this song will take you on

“Satan’s sister “ is where the album shifts a little. The song is a slow melodic song about the persona who has fallen in love with their sister and how Satan is going to come after him. According to the song during their fight, the persona wins because a lover is stronger than a fighter. Raymond’s voice is clear and crisp and the lyrics are straightforward and allow you to follow along on this colorful and dangerous journey

Next is “Hidden Love” which is an extremely beautiful and mesmerizing song about a secret relationship and how he had to hide his love for his partner and feel ashamed about it but how it eventually worked out between them in the end. It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful story to hold on to love no matter what. Raymond’s vocals shine through on this stripped-down song and create an instant earworm

“The Nicotine Blues” is a bluesy country song that closes out the album. The song talks in great detail about the struggles of being addicted to cigarettes. The persona openly admits his addiction and open admission is always the first step in getting help. The song tackles an important issue facing a lot of people in a relatable and enjoyable way. The song is the perfect culmination of the whole album and lingers long after the album has ended

To conclude “The Long Story Short” is the result of Raymond’s songwriting over the previous six to seven years. Every song captures a distinct aspect of his trip, representing different feelings, locations, and life stages. Jack muses, “Every song presents a vastly different view on songwriting, from grieving periods to the highest times I’ve had.” To me, these songs show a lot of my personal development. It showcases Raymond’s skill as a storyteller, taking readers to vibrant scenes and peaceful rural mornings and shows his development as an artist

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