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Jacob Tremblay and Paul Walter Hauser Are an Unlikely Duo in First ‘Orion and the Dark’ Trailer

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Netflix’s third Geeked Week event took place this week, running through Sunday, November 12. The yearly showcase from the streamer provides fans a multitude of content from original films and television shows, including first glimpses, behind-the-scenes exclusives, news and other updates, and more.

Only a few days after the most recent image release, Netflix unveiled the teaser and poster for its upcoming Orion and the Dark adaption today. The movie’s debut is set for February 2.

Orion (Jacob Tremblay), the child protagonist of Orion and the Dark, is based on the Emma Yarlett picture book. At first glance, Orion appears to be one of his peers. On the inside, though, Orion struggles with anxiety related to a range of situations, from more serious ones like falling off a cliff to lesser ones like dogs and bees.

Orion’s terror of the dark, which he experiences every night, is unmatched by any of his other fears. When Dark (Paul Walter Hauser) comes to visit Orion and takes him on a global tour to prove that there’s nothing to fear about the dark, his terror intensifies even more. Orion gains the ability to let go of his fears and accept life throughout the journey.

Orion and the Dark premieres February 2 on Netflix. Check out the trailer below:

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