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Welcome everyone, welcome to our blog. Let’s give a rousing welcome to Jagas a French artist. Jagas has made a video cover of the song “Sage nein” by Konstantin Wecker which he is calling “Dis Non”. The video was released on 31st March and it’s a powerful video that will captivate you. Allow me to tell you more about it

At the beginning of the video, Jagas is alone, strumming his guitar and belting out songs about resistance. Prepare to be given charge!

Say no is how the song is translated into English. The value of interpersonal solidarity is discussed. It’s a song of empowerment and a vital reminder that the things we do every day matter! Jagas has taken up the cause with “Dis Non”! The film features a variety of shots of people demonstrating in support of their beliefs and raising awareness of pertinent issues.

Additionally, the co-production is Franco-German, as is the accompanying video. Rosa Gabbert, a young German director residing in Paris, and Jagas collaborated on the video’s shoot.

For me, “Dis Non” is more than just a song. This song, despite not being in English, expresses the need to make a decision, to say no, and to resist the things that cause injustice, prejudice, intolerance, and violence with its incredibly brave and human message. It is admirable that Jagas is raising awareness of this issue and aims to demonstrate through his rendition of the song that we must fight together throughout Europe. He is a rising star and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Stream “Dis Non” on Spotify and watch the video above.

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