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Hello, music lovers and cherished readers worldwide! Today we highlight the talents of Jeanna- Sis. Tour-de-force rapper Jeanna-Sis, a German native, is making waves with her blockbuster debut album Eyes Wide Open, which is coming out on April 19, 2024. A string of singles, starting on February 2nd with Frenemy and its corresponding music video, will be released before the full album release. The song Frenemy by Jeanna-Sis is only one example of the many subjects she explores in her music, which includes mental health, various cultures, and suicide awareness. Let me tell you more about the song and video.

The song begins with ethereal piano notes and delicate instrumentals before Jenna begins to sing before she starts to rap. Her voice is beautiful and her rap is very powerful and emotional the visuals match the story she’s telling.

The emotional song pays homage to Jeanna’s first boyfriend and looks back on their turbulent relationship because it’s personal she puts her whole being into the rap and you can feel her emotions as she raps. In the video, Jeanna reflects on the breakup of her romance, and as the video plays out we see a couple in a similar situation as Jeans back in her old relationship. She is surrounded by photographs of their time together as she wittily tells listeners how her relationship broke down while melancholic pop beats give way to potent rap lyrics. The video completes the listening experience because you see Jeanna’s story play out right before your eyes which makes this an all-immersive experience.

The song was made expertly and a lot of thought was put into making the video due to the thematic nuances in it. Jeanna’s rap is very emotive and they capture your attention. The beat and instruments complement her commanding verses and together they create a wonderful listening experience.

Hats off to Jeanna for opening up and sharing her experience with us! The song is relatable and makes you feel seen especially if you’re going through a similar situation. By being vulnerable Jeanna has been able to create the purest form of art and music with a stellar visual to accompany it!

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  1. Incredible song. Full of emotions that takes you on a emotional journey. More power to her. I hope someone big will sign her and she will have concerts everywhere.

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