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Jeannie Mai discusses her two-year marriage to Jeezy ending in divorce.

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Family issues won’t stop Jeannie Mai from working hard. After filing for divorce from her spouse Jeezy after two years of marriage, Mai spoke up about how she is navigating life while making an appearance on Entertainment Tonight to mark the launch of her new role on Raid the Cage on CBS.

I’m approaching it day by day,” she said to the media source. She has found work to be a welcome diversion. Thank goodness, she told the source, “for having a show like this and being able to come to work and be able to do something that you enjoy doing to get your mind off of things.” “At the moment, all of my attention is on Monaco and the things I find most fulfilling. When you’re among other people, you can laugh and think about the things you want to do in life, which helps you get through tough times.

Mai also visited Sherri and spoke with her about how she is handling her split with Jeezy, even though rumours suggest they are still cohabitating. No, I won’t lie. She explained to host Sherri Shepherd that in order to take care of herself, it was necessary to just sit down every day and be alone with her thoughts. But I do know this: if you offer God your suffering, he will give you his strength. Period. Therefore, I ask every day, “Here you go, you got room for more?”

She also disclosed how a digital detox has aided her in navigating this challenging period of her life. Turning off everything is beneficial. After that, I simply turned off every appliance in my home and really tuned into the voices I needed to hear, which were those of truth and myself. “Monaco is my north star, and I can definitely tell you that I don’t know if I would handle this the same way without her,” she said. Today, I can ask her, “What would I suggest if I were in your shoes?” and it has completely changed everything. The bond Mai has with her 1-year-old daughter, for whom Jeezy is vying for joint legal custody, has been a source of stress for her.

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