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Greetings dearest readers and music lovers let’s welcome to our digital space Johnno Casson aka SNIPPET. The English indie artist returns with his best album yet, titled “English Fables Vol 1”. Released on 5th July, this 14-song album is like a pick-me-up collection of songs that are funny, moving, and super catchy. Let me tell you more about the album

“Hi there” is the title of the first song on the album. The sounds that greet you are incredibly beautiful. The song incorporates flute in its harmonic sound and it is so overwhelmingly beautiful. This song gives you an idea of what to expect in this album and you got to buckle up for the amazing ride you are going to embark on

Next is the song entitled “Come on Down”. The song has a very colorful intro. The song is about a person who is extending an invitation to everyone to come over to his hometown. (” Come on down take a journey with me”)The song is very lively and you can feel the joy that Snippet felt when he was making the song as he invites you to sing along, you can’t help but bop your head to the rhythm of the song and you are excited and can’t wait to hear more of the songs in the album

“Billy with the Wonky Toe” is the title of the song that is next. Some very warm delightful mouth percussions welcome you to the song. The song is about a chap called Billy who is friendly to everyone and devoted to his friends. (”he’s a friend to everyone”). This character is a very supportive friend and a charismatic person and the description of Billy through the lyrics will make you want to be his friend too. There is a solo mid-song that is just heavenly and you will fall in love with this song

“Sometimes life is really…” is the title of the next song. The song describes the journey we call life, its ups and downs, and how it changes from time to time(” Sometimes life is really shit, sometimes it brings a row of cherries”). After the characters long lamentation, he comes to accept the complexities of life and just needs to vent for a moment(”just having a moment bro”). The song is a foot-tapping song with a profound message

The song that follows is “Ink”. The song goes straight to the vocal performance as Snippet sings about an unnamed character who is yearning for a tattoo. (”Give me some ink”). He talks about the places he wants to have the tattoo, in his defense for wanting them is that it’s the only thing he can put on his skin that can’t be washed off. The song has a funky instrumentation and the instrumentation is beautiful

“The Little Things” is the song that follows. The song opens with these intricate guitar notes. The persona in the song tells his love interest that he is broken and can’t give all of himself (”I want to bring one hundred percent of me to the table but life has given me a lot of kicking so I’m not able”). Although he accepts that he’s not whole and enough for her, he is tough he will be more than makeup for the other parts of him that he’s missing (” It’s the little things in life that get me through the big things”). This song is a beautiful reassurance of love and the violin solo mid-song is breathtakingly lovely. The way he recites the latter part of the song is very poetic and will thrill you thoroughly

“Tip of my tongue” is the title of the next song. The intro of the song is these ethereal stringed sounds. The character in the song is trying to plead his cause because he’s been accused(” You told me that I lacked decency that I’m a modern-day scoundrel without sympathy”. He takes the insults and spite for some time and in good faith and still holds back and doesn’t defend himself saying that the words he was going to say to defend himself are on the tip of his tongue(” It’s on the tip tip tip of my tongue”). The violin mini solo brought tears to my eye, and the vocal performance was sweet and tender and will win over your heart just like it did mine

The next song is titled “Funny Habits”. With this song, the voice of the album changes a bit. The intro sounds like a mixture of pop synth sounds and mouth percussions. The song is a description of a character that acts weird or odd(” We don’t talk to him he’s got funny habits, we don’t walk with him with his funny ways”). Another character chastises the one who is speaking ill of the unnamed character’s behavior saying that everyone has got funny habits or everyone is weird. The song has a very important message that we should all learn that everyone is different or has a particular behavior or way of doing something that will seem out of place for another person. (” We’ve all got funny habits”). The song is quite exciting and will magnetize you from start to finish

“Michael, I knocked you off the ladder”. The song starts with very cool harmonies and mouth percussions. The persona in the song talks about how he’s been treating the character named Michael(”I wasn’t very nice to you it’s true”) He opened up and acknowledges how terrible he’s been and wishes he could have done better(”I could have been more decent to you”). The tempo changes mid-song the beat is thumping and the trumpet sounds are just amazing. The whole song will entertain you and also teach you to treat people with respect, which is the bare minimum that we can do as humans

The next song is called “Stop and Enjoy It”. This is a song that features Marina Florance. The song has a fast-paced opening as Snippet sings about a character who has many victories and many things to celebrate but somehow he does not enjoy it (”but I just don’t stop and enjoy it in any way”). Marina’s voice mixed with Snippet’s voice is just beautiful, the piano solo was fantastic and added more gravitas to the song making it that more special

“Punch” is the next song. This is a country-infused song with a delightful guitar strum. The song suggests that certain problems are best solved through violence and that consequences be damned (”punch and follow, punch and follow, asks questions and do it late after the punch”), this is an unfortunate truth that is something that we should normalize lest we are taken for granted. The song is layered very beautifully with each instrument that is played given the chance to shine, creating an exquisite audio journey

The song that follows is one called “Pipe Dreams”. This a slow song with a cool and smooth vibe. The song lists the various ways he wishes that things were different, the oceans cleaner, the environment treated with care instead of being apathetic to these issues (”but that’s just pipe dreams I know, only pipe dreams I know”). In the background of the song is the sound of rushing or flowing water, the cadence and addition of this to the music structure give a clearer mental picture of what the lyrics describe giving listeners an all-immersive experience

Next is the song called “Patriarchy Vs a Mother’s love. The beginning of this song is a steady drum beat. The song describes the constant struggle between being a good guy and being toxic (”Patriarchy vs a mother’s love, toxic masculinity”). The truth is that these toxic males act this way because they are not confident in their own masculinity stemming from lack of a mother’s love(”hug your children show them love”)The musical highlight in this song is the lovely saxophone and solo in there that will surprise you and the song is a jolly ride of introspective lyrics and a solid musical structure that will enthrall you

The last song on the album is called (”Resting Face”). The song begins with these delicious and tender guitar strums. The character in the song unfortunately has a resting “bitch” face(”I’m not mad at you, I’m not sick of life, I really love my wife). He explains that that’s just how he looks but is excited or happy within himself(”I try to look excited but this is just my resting face, my resting face”). The character in the song is quite relatable because we all must have met people with this permanent demeanor of anger or displeased. The song is very beautiful and Snippet shows off his amazing vocal range in this song. With this unique and memorable song, the album comes to an end

Snippet has gone above and beyond to create this musical masterpiece. The song checks off every single box you can imagine. It is a strong contender in lyrics, vocal performance, and instrumentation. Each song had a message, some profound, some relatable bordering on funny. Every song had my full attention from start to finish and I was not bored even once. Johnno Casson aka Snippet is an amazing artist and will go very far in the music community

Stream the “ENGLISH FABLES VOL 1” album on Spotify

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