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JOIE GREY Untitled

JOIE GREY Shares Latest Release “Untitled”

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The new track “UNTITLED” from Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, and producer JOIE GREY’s newly released album CASCADE has been released.

Recently, the single “Untitled” by JOIE GREY has seen a kind of revival. The song was initially released in 2019 but was later taken down because it wasn’t making much of a splash at the time. The single was reworked and re-released by the artist, who is now older, wiser, and more experienced. It gained popularity through TikTok and became his biggest hit to date.

Thanks to Young Taylor’s superb production, “Untitled” has a melancholy, modern, and fresh tone. If the electronic beat has a strong hip-hop influence, harmonic samples serve as chords and assist the track fit into a more laid-back, pop-influenced atmosphere. With sensual and ferocious vocals, JOIE GREY’s relevant lyricism is portrayed throughout the song. The slower version simply gives an already gorgeous piece more glitter and depth.

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Atlanta-born musician JOIE GREY is known for straddling the R’n’B and Pop genres. With its powerful, heartfelt lyricism and passionate, exact vocal tone, “Untitled” is a perfect example of his abilities. GREY, who operates out of Atlanta’s artistic underworld, was raised in a musical household and has always loved dancing and making music. His most recent album, “Violet Major,” which debuted earlier in 2020, is noteworthy. It explores the hip-hop and R’n’B worlds while always adding the artist’s unique spin.

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