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Hi dearest readers and music fans everywhere, welcome back to our blog. Today we shine a spotlight on talented France-based artist Joris Bon. Bon has delivered wonderful tracks like “Eclipse” and “Realist” and he’s done it again. His latest release is titled “Gleam”, a wholesome song made up of various emotions. The song was released on 26th January and will take your senses on a delightful ride. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you more about the song.

“Gleam” starts with delicate and emotional piano sounds before the soft emotional vocals set in as the song talks about letting emotions flow. The performance is very moving and will give you goosebumps.
Lyrically the song is about letting one’s emotions out, and feeling your emotions as they come. The constant use of “let emotions flow” emphasizes the message that the song is preaching. Sometimes it’s hard to let your emotions show however the song encourages listeners to let them rip. The performance is quite passionate and lets you step into Bon’s very own world.

Talking about production, “Gleam” starts like a ballad with heavy and sweet piano notes, however as the vocals set in it picks up the tempo with some drumming. The drumming does not overshadow the main musical component and the vocal performance. They all band well and in doing so have birthed this beautiful masterpiece.

Overall, “Gleam” by Joris Bon is a unique celebration of human emotions and a beautiful piano electro song. The vocals, musical arrangement, and straightforward lyrics have made this something quite special that every music fan will enjoy no matter the genre they are used to. This was refreshing to listen to and I can’t wait to hear his next project

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