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Josy B BTW

Josy B Released a New Song “BTW”

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Josy B Los Angeles singer out with a new song titled “BTW”.

A music enthusiast would always appreciate a grooving song. Josy B’s music has always had an attracting air to it. Her new single ‘BTW’ has the ability to make everyone want to dance right away. Sidnie Tipton and Travis House wrote the tune. She is a one-of-a-kind performer who has never failed to captivate the audience with her captivating musical statistics. The song’s pop elements made it incredibly engaging for listeners. With ‘Red Rum,’ she began her musical career in 2007. After that, she’s been on an ever-changing path to achieving success in her life. And, with perseverance and attention to this type of art, she has cultivated her musical formation and reached new heights.

This excellent release “BTW” by “Josy B reignites the flame of genuine, passionate writing and performance, showcasing a level of delicacy and emotional depth that tries to connect in a remarkably pure way. “BTW” is a song full of warmth and emotion. The words are about inner truth — the things that matter, the things that keep us going no matter how far away we are. The setup is fairly straightforward; a piano and a gentle supporting string section create a calm, spacious vibe. The simplicity is just in the instrumentation – in the individual pieces that make it up – yet listening to the musicianship is captivating, and the performances are stunning on all counts.

Josy B BTW

The delicate first stanza establishes a calm ambiance, allowing the sincerity of the poem to shine through in a genuine way, as well as revealing the skill and subtle clues of character in Josy B’s voice. The frenetic intensity of the hook, which has been composed and delivered with full love by all involved, stands in stark contrast to the early tenderness.

The lyrics have great depth from a songwriting standpoint, and the accompanying visual tries hard to amplify that aura. The vocals, particularly the leading voice, do a good job of highlighting the passion inherent in the song’s theme – this is the touch of instant humanity that draws most listeners in. It’s a naturally lovely voice in this case, powerful in a pertinent way without being unduly shouty or out of control. It all feels really genuine, which is unusual in today’s Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B.

The free-flowing purity of the musicianship and the melody really start to connect as the song progresses, and indeed each new time you listen. As a result, you start to see an intrinsic coherence between the music and the voices driving the sentiment – the personalities carrying the words along. The sound has a beautifully intertwined sense of humanity and community. The lyrics focus on only the most crucial issues, at first reflecting in real time – providing images, setting the scene, and hinting at the possibility of darkness surrounding or approaching. As the story progresses, there’s a real melancholy to it – the separation, and then the reunion.

Listen to Josy B BTW song below.

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