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Kai Cenat Wants To Speak On Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio” After Twitch Ban

Kai Cenat Wants To Speak On Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio” After Twitch Ban

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The streamer recently returned to Twitch after being banned for “simulated sexual activity.”

Nicki Minaj is perhaps best known for getting into heated blowouts with enemies on social media. Still, the Queen of Rap is also known to give out flowers to those who deserve it too. Earlier this month, she did just that to streamer Kai Cenat, who was unfortunately banned on Twitch for “stimulated sexual activity” while playing GTA RP during one of his shows, something that others have faced similar punishment for in the past. While it’s certainly frustrating for one of the platform’s biggest names to be unable to create content for his fans, it helped him get the attention of Minaj, who’s expressed interest in working with him.

“I’m gonna get cute. I’m gonna dress up nice and cute and I’m gonna go on Live with him,” she told listeners on Queen Radio recently. “And speak to him if that’s cool with him. Let me reach out to him and stuff because I really like him. I really like him a lot.” Elsewhere in her broadcast, Minaj publicly pleaded with Twitch to remove Cenat’s ban, which was finally lifted earlier this week.

Kai Cenat Thanks Nicki Minaj for Speaking Out Amid Twitch Ban

Now that the 21-year-old is back doing what he loves, he took a moment to respond to the “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker’s kind words and request to collaborate. “Auntie Nicki, I see what you said,” he exclaimed during one of his first shows back on the air. “Nicki Minaj said, ‘Why would y’all do that to that boy? Why would y’all ban him?’ She said she gotta get all nice and cute to come on a stream, but Twitch, hold on! This is chess, not checkers. Should I give y’all a big stream like that?” Cenat openly pondered.

“Should I let the Queen come on y’all platform? I’ll go to Queen Radio! If I’m invited, if they want to do anything,” he quietly added. “I’ll just talk to her, one-on-one, audio only.” Would you tune into a Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat live stream? Leave a comment below with your answer, and tap back in later for more pop culture and hip-hop news updates.

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