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Kim Kardashian In New Bikini Beach Photos Is "Pushin P"

Kim Kardashian In New Bikini Beach Photos Is “Pushin P”

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Kim Kardashian Is “Pushin P” In New Bikini Beach Photos

Kim Kardashian joined Gunna’s “P” trend by included the popular emoji in her new beach images.

Who knew Kim Kardashian was so well-versed in hip-hop culture? The world-famous businesswoman joined Gunna’s “Pushin P” trend on social media, which has resulted in an oversupply of “P” emojis on all of our screens, by sharing a handful of fresh photographs from her beach vacation. Kardashian contributed to the “P” takeover by invoking beach-bum vibe in her most recent series of photos.

“Beach [P]arty,” Kim captioned the image, using a blue “P” emoji to join in on the popular trend. It’s unclear whether she knows what the “P” emoji stands for or whether she merely witnessed others using it and decided to join in on the fun. While Gunna has supplied several meanings of the term, many people are still confused about what “P” stands for.

Given Kim’s public friendship with comedian Pete Davidson, some of her followers believe the “P” emoji is a reference to him. Others believe the “P” fad is coming to an end since Kim has hijacked it. Another group of commentators is reminding Kim that she isn’t a “P,” presumably due to her divorce from music legend Kanye West.

Do you believe Kim understands what “P” stands for? Do you think she’s “P” for posting these photos? Check them out here, along with some reactions.

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