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Hello, dearest readers and fans let’s welcome the band, Kinsley. The US band Kinsley. The band consists of Christopher Jones on Guitars, Lead Vocals and Mixing, Adam Staley on Drums, Backing Vocals, Engineering, Programming, Mixing, and Mastering.

The band all grew up together and played music in various bands over the years, but Kinsley was officially formed in 2015. The band has just released a three-song EP they’re calling “Angels”. “Angels” was released on the 6th of June. Let me tell you more about the EP.

The EP opens with the song “Beacon.” There are some amazing guitar tones in the song’s introduction. The song’s seductive instrumentation gives it an extra boost. Keep an eye out for the guitar solo, which serves as a sneak peek at the other two tracks on the EP.

“Magenta” begins with a very exciting drum intro before the vocal performance sets in. This is a raw and intense performance. The band owned this song and will be such a treat to hear live.

Revival” is the title of the song’s final song The song has a particular depth and raw appeal about it. Monster riffs are supported by classical guitar, and the presence of all these flawless instruments never lets up as the music becomes longer and longer. The tempo and emotional content of the song also increases as it gets longer.

Wow! What a trip! What a treat!! Kinsley has gone above and beyond by creating absolute magic with these songs! There was never a dull moment from the first song which piqued my interest to the very last one. I will have this on repeat. I implore you to listen to this EP to experience its greatness too

Stream the “Angels” EP on Spotify

Follow Kinsley on here and their socials; Facebook, YouTube

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