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Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger Surprisingly Appear in Bad Bunny’s First ‘SNL’ Hosting Job

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In an early sketch, Punkie Johnson’s actress kept derailing a dramatic scenario involving two telenovela actors played by Bad Bunny and cast member Marcello Hernández because she didn’t speak any Spanish. In a truly unexpected move, Mick Jagger revealed himself as another telenovela actor who is equally perplexed as to why they chose to cast an actress who is unable to communicate in the show’s language. Jagger’s incredibly unexpected presence, however, was what stole the show from the entire scene.

After a short while, Bad Bunny took the stage for his debut performance as the night’s musical guest, and Lady Gaga introduced him while the crowd was still in shock after Pascal and Jagger’s back-to-back surprises! Gaga’s role in the episode ended then, although Jagger and Pascal made appearances in other sketches all through the evening.

Mick Jagger made a comeback in one of the raunchiest SNL sketches in recent memory in one of the final few sketches. In the sketch, a few nuns who reside in a convent have been having sex with a man who is posing as a nun, and none of them find it objectionable. In spite of the fact that Bad Bunny portrays one of the nuns, Jagger is discovered to be the real impostor.

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