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Hi, dearest readers and music enthusiasts worldwide we highlight the work of the brilliant and talented Lazy Sunsets. Songwriter/producer pair Lazy Sunsets releases “You. Possibly,” their most recent pop-rock hit. The duo, consisting of producer Kara Greskovic and songwriter Pete Stephenson, is well-known for their diverse work in the pop, rock, dance, and country music genres.

The theme of Lazy Sunsets’ most recent song, “You. Possibly,” released on 1st March is female freedom and empowerment. Let’s get into the details of the song

Right out of the gate, Something about the bass sounds electrifies you. The vocal performance starts strong and raw, and the song has a high level of energy. The song is amazing and makes you feel so good
The focus of “You. Possibly “is female autonomy and empowerment. The protagonist of the song is free to follow her path in life and isn’t constrained by social norms. In the song, the persona has broken free from apologizing all the time and has found complete liberation (” Don’t tell me I need someone to complete me, I’m doing alright on my own without you”). An additional message of the song is that no matter how bad you think a situation is, the answer lies in finding yourself, your voice, and your independence

This powerful anthem is supported by a pop-rock soundtrack that combines elements of pop-punk and classic and 90s rock bands. The song is very cool and will leave you feeling very empowered!
The song’s distorted guitar riffs, pounding bassline, and dynamic vocal performance combine to create an upbeat tune that will light up any dance floor!

Lazy Sunsets has been releasing music since 2022. Pete, who is based in the Gold Coast, Australia, and Kara, who is from Tennessee, USA, met by accident on a music website, clicked right away, and Pete started working on improving his back archive of songs. Since then, the pair has put out six tunes that have received praise from media and radio stations in the US, UK, and Australia. After their earlier success, Lazy Sunsets are currently experiencing great success as they continue to push boundaries and explore their varied sound.

The release of “You. Possibly “marks another significant development in what is already becoming an extraordinary collaboration as this foot-tapping song was well crafted and has a powerful message to deliver to audiences!

Stream “You. Possibly” Feat. Miami Nights 1984 on Spotify or SoundCloud

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