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L.A.Z. 1 is a fantastic 5 song EP released by LEMONS ALWAYS ZEST (L.A.Z).The artistic alias of a 24-year-old New York City bedroom producer is LEMONS ALWAYS ZEST, Inspired by New York’s LGBTQ rave scene, they create dance music as a ritual for working through challenging emotions while having fun on the dance floor. The song was released on the 1st of March and promises to take listeners on a wild journey! Let me tell you more about this instrumental EP.

The EP starts with the song “I need more.” Warm, lively tones greet the listener as the song opens. The song features a wide variety of instrumentation types, as you can hear, and it concludes with a faultless flourish. The perfect welcome sound to get you excited about what amazing things are ahead of you!

The incredible cymbal, crystal-like, and synth sounds that open “Don’t lie to me” will wow you! The music develops into a distinctive blend of well chosen sounds as the tempo speeds up, thrilling you sonically!

The song “m.o.t.f.” is the subsequent one. You will be excited by the song’s opening piercing tone. The tempos and melodies of the song are lively and amazing. This music will transport you to a wonderful soundscape

The opening notes of “Chest interlude” are grandiose and light, but they soon give way to eerie and enigmatic sounds that entice you inside the creative minds of the artist.

The EP closes with the magnificent “Mycorrhizal Part 1,” which begins with some upbeat drum beats and develops into this incredible techno pop, synth fusion that sounds just delightful! This wonderful musical journey is effectively concluded by the song!

This EP was quite an experience that I will recommend to everyone! It’s a world bursting with rich musical flavors and textures that will blow your mind! L.A.Z has proven with this EP that he is musical mastermind and is going to take over the world with his amazing craft!

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