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Greetings, kind readers and music enthusiasts. Please join me in welcoming UK artist Tally Koren to our site. Her most recent EP, “Downtempo Experience,” which was published on May 6th, features seven original songs in addition to covers of 80s hits like “Sweetest Smile” and “What Was I Made For?” Tally’s voice floats freely above the electronic sounds on the EP because of the downtempo production, providing the listener with an epic experience. Allow me to elaborate on this record for you.

The EP’s first song is called “Beside Me”. Ethereal sounds hit right as the song begins and Tally gives an angelic performance about an unnamed character who tells his companion how he’s important to her and how he’s the one she goes to when she needs someday (“the only one that will be beside me”) it is important to know that the persona reciprocates the affection she’s being given (“when it’s wrong and when it’s right, come and be beside me”). As stated earlier her voice is given room to shine as the instruments float in the background. This song gives you a sense of the rest of the EP

“Wake up my child” is opened by the most delicate sounds I’ve ever heard. In the song, the character is playing a mother figure who is encouraging him or her to rise and not be afraid (“Wake up my child I’m here don’t be afraid”). She goes on further to ask this individual to choose love over hate(“choose the love and not the hate”). Tally’s voice is light and Carries you above like floating on a feather

Next is the song “What Was I Made for”. This song is a rendition of the hit soundtrack from the Barbie movie “What Was I Made For sung by Billie Eilish. Just like the song from the movie the character (Barbie) was facing an existential crisis, questioning her existence and mortality. This rendition was different, unique, and sung from a completely different point of view which listeners will appreciate just like I did

“Sand” is the title of the next song. This song has a steady piano sound. The person compares her relationship to that of sand and the sea, insinuating that they are inseparable (“I feel like sand and you are the sea”). The simile used in this song is very descriptive and gives you a mental picture of the song’s meaning

Next is the song “Sweetest Smile”. This song has a lovely and enthralling intro. The persona in the song was cautioned to be careful about a certain relationship or a certain someone but she paid no heed and just like they warned she has gotten her heart broken (“cause everyone said it would be broken one day, and now I’ve come to that fateful day. The song is beautiful and you can feel the character’s sorrow through the music

Next is the song called “1000 Stars”. This song is a little upbeat with these synth-pop sounds that are really beautiful. The persona in the song describes her lover’s many qualities(“look at me, it’s in your eyes that I can see a thousand stars”). The instrumentation in this song is quite beautiful and unique and will captivate you

The EP ends with a track called “Let it Shine”. Tally’s beautiful and fluttery voice welcomes you to this song and you are immediately hooked. The song encourages us to stop, marvel, and appreciate nature and things around us(“Stop look around you falling stars”). It also touches on the theme of self-acceptance and confidence (“stop it inside you let it shine”). The guitar sounds in this song were exemplary. This magnificent piece ends the EP

Tally took us on an emotive journey through her spectacular storytelling ability and a voice that will capture both your mind and your heart. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I think I will play this EP whenever I want to feel something. Tally is a rare gem that will sparkle in the music industry.

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