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Briana Piedra Crave

Los Angeles Hotcake Singer Briana Piedra Releases “Crave”

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Briana Piedra, a young singer-songwriter, explores the deep longing for connection in her song CRAVE. It immerses you in the thoughts of two people torn between passion and stress. They want to be loved by each other, but they don’t want to give the other person any control. In that way, the song is liberating, but it also serves as a warning that even when nothing is serious is going on, we may get caught up in doing insane things to gain someone’s attention.

‘Crave’ is an engaging story about a young woman who develops a strong desire for her significant other’s delicate and loving touches. Her time appears to be incredibly valuable, yet she waits anxiously in the meanwhile. “2 am has me feeling myself, all alone yet I’m not by myself,” she acknowledges afterwards. But you, Baby, you may call my number since I know you’re always craving me.”

Briana’s weightless and endlessly tempting voice are perfectly showcased on this tune, which flows with precision and intention and has a sensuous edge that reinforces this sense. ‘Crave,’ a song about passion and want, does an excellent job of bringing you into the world of two individuals attempting to retain their cool, preserve their authority, and avoid giving the other person the upper hand.

The appealing song has catchy instruments with a warm modern pop vibe. Furthermore, “Crave” offers as a tantalising preview of what fans may expect from Briana Piedra as she continues to release new songs.

Listen to Briana Piedra Crave song below!

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