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Greetings to all music lovers worldwide and lovely readers! Let’s welcome back to our digital space the incredible LA artist LOVE GHOST. The artist wowed us with his very compelling EP “The Speed of Dreaming” and now LOVE GHOST has collaborated with Mexican artist Yung Dupe to create his latest single which he calls “Time Travel”. The song was released on 15th March and will take you on a very wild ride! Let me tell you more about the song

Beautiful synths and incredibly alluring melodies introduce this song before the performer delivers a riveting performance. The song is incredibly captivating and will put you in a state of an incredibly delightful Trance

Blinded by love, the character in the song bravely tries to travel back in time to save the lady he loves from all of her trauma and demons (“If I could time travel, fight all of your battles”) but instead finds himself under attack from her demons (“they’re coming after us”). “I am not going to lose my second chance with you” is his battle cry as he battles for her whatever the consequences. The remaining parts of the song are in Spanish, and they are the most beautiful rap performance ever! Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you will still appreciate this rap because it is lively and captivating.

Let’s give thanks to Shantra from Mexico, who produced this song. It takes a village to make a song this legendary, so many others, including Piso 21 and the Santa Fe Klan, deserve praise as well. This song’s amazing vocal performance, exquisite melodies, and amazing Spanish rap make it impossible to ignore. The entire song does a great job of letting the listener experience time travel with LOVE GHOST. What an awesome asset for a song to have

Dear readers and music lovers Once again, LOVE GHOST strikes! He has given us a wonderful song with amazing instrumental elements and lovely lyrics that will be loved by all, especially Yung Dupe’s passionate Spanish rap. Wow, what power! Right now, it’s just hit after hit, and all you can do is wait because he’s going to blow up the world!


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