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Greetings lovely readers and esteemed music fans! Let’s welcome the ridiculously talented LA-based artist Marc Rangel. Rangel has released an EP called “Good Riddance” on 5th April. The EP “Good Riddance “, her second EP, is a seven-song EP, centered around an entanglement she was involved in. This is a full-length narrative that begins when she discovered the man she had been seeing intermittently for two years had a long-term partner he was involved with for six years, so she ended their relationship, moved on to better things, and realized her value; moreover, freeing herself from the toxic cycle she was in with him. Let me tell you about this amazing EP in great detail

The title track of the EP, “Song Cry,” opens with dreamy pop sounds until Rangel takes the stage. The song was written by a liberated woman. The character in the song is a woman who discovers she has been duped (“I guess I was only a side piece”) but decides she can’t take it any longer and bids him farewell (“as I tell you goodbye”). In this song, she exudes a casual and righteous anger, since nobody should be treated like an extra or an afterthought especially in a relationship . Through its incisive lyrics, captivating instrumentals, and intense delivery, this song reflects the album’s topic. It also provides you with a peek at this EP’s internal workings

The following song is called “Not my business.” Some really lovely piano tones begin the tune. My favorite part of this song is the adlibs, and you can see that she really pushed herself vocally, hitting every note from the bottom of my range to the very top. The song’s lyrics essentially talk about wanting a sexual relationship with a guy even though you know he has a girlfriend and that she would only be a side piece(“it ain’t none of my business, but I think you should come over.”)The song carries a delicate and significant message, despite its flirtatious and enjoyable appearance. Being a trans woman herself, she is aware of how common this particular situation of being a secret to a “straight man” is in their community and it’s wrong and incredibly depressing. However, it’s the truth, and I respect her courage in bringing this to our attention. She desired a song that was as toxic as those from the 1990s R&B scene, and that is precisely what this song is.

The next song is “Love You down,” which is upbeat and has a good vibe. “We can go a couple rounds babe, love it when you make those sound babe” is the message of this seductive song about intimacy between two lovers. You can listen to this seductive tune when you want to get sexy with your partner!

Once more, there’s “if you miss me,” which opens with some lovely guitar tones and features a heartfelt vocal performance by Rangel. In spite of her obvious desire for him to return (“I’m willing to give this another try”), the character in the song is hesitant to acknowledge her feelings for him because she doesn’t want to appear weak (“I don’t wanna seem like I’m weak”). Since we’ve all probably had an ex we can’t let go of, the song is heartfelt and realistic. You’ll get chills listening to Rangel’s heartfelt vocals that blend beautifully with the guitar!

Closure” opens with a mellow guitar melody. The song depicts a woman who, despite her best efforts, is unable to come to terms with her partner because, whenever she tries, their conversation veers into a sexual one (“went from a conversation to taking my clothes off for you”). She acknowledges that she needs that person to give her closure, but she can’t seem to let go of him. This song is very relatable because, on occasion, all we need is a small justification before we go back to our previous romantic relationships. This song allows us to connect with Rangel on a deeper level because of her sensitivity!

Knew better” is the next song on the list. It starts out with some ethereal tones before Rangel’s voice enters. In the song, a woman comes to the realization that she ought to have known more about her former partner.(“I should’ve known better, you’ll never do better”)She is furious with her partner for his unfaithful behavior and asks him to (“make me catch a case”)get her into trouble with the law. Rangel relates this story of a rejected lover in the song, and both the music and the lyrics send the listener on a crazy ride.

The last track on the EP is “Too Damn Pretty.” Rangel speaks of being comfortable in her own skin and boasts about her beauty in the opening line of this song, “I’m way too damn pretty.” By letting her leave, she also sends a strong message to her ex, saying, “I’m way too fine to be sitting on the sidelines.” Overall, the music is just meant to boost your self-esteem and give you the impression that you really are that badass! The EP then comes to a finish, leaving you with a lingering impression long after the final note has gone.

This EP is entirely an original work of poetry. The subject of betrayal and self-confidence is one that everyone can relate to. Every song on the EP transports listeners on an immersive journey; it is a labor of love. Expertise and love went into crafting the music. Rangel is a formidable force, and I’m eager to witness her future endeavors

Stream the “Good Riddance“ EP on Spotify or SoundCloud.

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