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Hello and welcome to our digital space dearest readers and music lovers. Mark Howard, a troubadour from Phillip Island, Australia, has created a musical masterpiece that transcends time and emotion, incorporating elements such as the whispering of the water and the rustle of the coastal plants. Released on Friday, February 16, 2024, “Scarlette” is a pop-rock single that teeters on the brink of love and grief, drawing listeners into a realm where the sounds of a romantic past captivate listeners’ emotions. Let me tell you more about it.

The song starts with delicate guitar melodies and then listeners are surrounded by Howard’s smooth vocals as he sings about grief and loss in this majestic musical masterpiece
This song is a tribute to a love that was lost and is now only remembered in a faded state. The use of rain imagery (“the rain keeps pouring “) shows how lost, sad, and depressed he feels. Remorse, longing, and the quest for purpose are themes that resonate deeply with the song’s heartbeat and have a lasting effect on the listener.

On a wet day near Cape Woolamai, he originally worked on the song in a rehearsal with his former band. He could tell right away where the music was going after the first line, “She breaks,” but it would take some time to establish the perfect soundscape.

Mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill and mixed by Dave Prideaux of Sunderland Studio, “Scarlette” is a story that wanders through the hallways of Mark’s life experiences which allows him to connect with his fans through his vulnerability on this track.

Overall “Scarlette” by Mark Howard” beckons you to immerse yourself in its melody and delve into the profundities of its echoing love and sorrow. Asking you to experience, connect, and journey through the currents of the human experience is, in Mark Howard’s words, the essence of the musical voyage which is very commendable. The song is proof that he is very talented and will continue to shine in the musical world.

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