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Greetings from our blog, dear reader. We are pleased to welcome Australian artist Mark Howard to our digital space. Destined to upend the indie rock industry coming from the windswept shores of Phillip Island, this troubadour has just released a new anthem called “The Light Behind Us” on 14th June. Let me tell you more about the song

Luminous guitar sounds open the song. This new song serves as a rallying cry for people who want to break free from the complex web of life and pursue a simpler, carefree way of living.

The track delves deeply into the desire for radical change and the yearning to escape life’s complexities in pursuit of a more carefree existence. (” The light behind us to our escape”)He talks about wanting freedom through his comparison of himself to things way beyond his reach like birds and stars. The lyrics are precise and the song in its entirety is quite profound yet enjoyable.

The alternative rock song “The Light Behind was produced by Andy Stewart at The Mill who mastered the tune, which was mixed by Dave Prideaux. Mark crafts a story of hope and revolt with his distinctive brand of indie rock, his melodies raw and unadulterated as they break against the rocks like unrelenting waves.

This was a poignant alternate rock song with a very catchy chorus and incredible lyrics. Mark Howard has ya all thinking about our existence and breaking free from societal molds. I loved this song and I implore you to listen to the song to have a perfect sonic experience.

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