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Massimo Youngblood Returns With ‘Fast & Furious’ Featuring Ciici Mani And Laura Dia

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Ghanaian British-based afrobeat artist Massimo Youngblood is back again with a brand new single featuring Ciici Mani and one of British budding female vocalists Laura Dia.

Massimo Youngblood is an exceptionally talented musician that has been successful in breaking into the music industry thanks to his own distinctive style of music and sound, 
which goes above the expectations of each and every listener. 
His vocal projection, melodies, rhythms, and composition are all extraordinary in their own right. He is master of all four.

His most recent song, “Fast & Furious” which was created by Mintzbeats and is a slow Afro and Rhythm and blues style piece, was released not too long ago. “Fast & Furious” is a combination of the two musical styles.
Throughout the whole of the song, which clocks in at three minutes and thirty-five seconds, Massimo sings in English, while Ciici Mani raps in his native Ghanaian language in a manner that is both passionate and contextual. Laura Dia delivers the backing vocals with her soulful but delicate tones.
The words of the song convey the sense of a young guy who is full of life and vigour and who is not prepared to give up on life but is determined to confront life head-on regardless of what problems it throws his way.

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