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Hello, my loveliest readers and music enthusiasts. Please extend a warm welcome to Me & Melancholy. Me & Melancholy is the stage name of Producer and musician Peter Ehrling a solo endeavor that explores the realm of electronic music with an emphasis on gloomy, synth-based tones.Me & Melancholy, is a Stockholm, Sweden-based band, that crafts each release with a nostalgically joyful and introspective ambiance through a special fusion of retro and modern sounds. His most recent creation, a nine-song album called “Illusio veri,” was made available on June 14. Let’s discuss the album in more detail.

“My bucket of things to do before I die”. Is the first song on the album.As soon as the song starts it pops off with these electronic techno sounds and the artist dives right into the vocal performance. The song is about a character’s who is trying to do everything on his bucket list but relializes that he wants or needs to do more (“a bucket list of things to do before I die but there’s always more”). The song describes a person who wants to live to the fullest before he dies. The sounds are fun and groovy and creates a lovely atmosphere. The song will convince you to listen to the rest of the album

Next is the song called “Meant to broken”. This song starts with a lot of energy. The persona in the song talks about the unspoken rule about affection or love can or is meant to be broken (“I just can’t leave this feeling behind of letting go of the things to like or the people you love these rules are meant to be broken”). He also mentions that its okay to disappoint people sometimes. The song’s beat is interesting and unique and so is its message which encourages listeners to love fully

“I can see you so clear in the night” is the song that follows. This foot tapping song is another electronic song with rhythms and melodies. The song describes a persona who prefers to be in the dark with his lover and asks her to keep it that way (”I can see you so clear in the night, you can see me too so please don’t turn on the lights”). His reasoning could be that he appreciates her beauty more in dark or is insecure about his appearance as opposed to hers. The song creates a very good mental picture for listeners to indulge in

Next is the song called “tears in the rain”. The song starts with a thumping beat that will captivate you. The song is about a relationship that has stumbled due to lack of communication (” I’m not able to reach you, you are shutting me out”). The constant pressing leads to a distance between the two(”the more I try I push you further away”) and eventually he decides to look at their problems from her point of view so he can understand her better .The passion of the vocal perfect takes you on an incredible musical trip that will delight you

“24 hour square” is the title of the next song. The song talks of a place where souls remain because its open round the clock and tells the other unamed character that he will see her there(”I will see you there 24hour square”). The song is a very catchy beat that will enthrall you

Next is the song titled “Clear blue sky”. The song’s intro is a colorful electronic sound. The song talks about a persona who can’t believe the beauty of the sky and assumes he is dreaming (”when the sun rise and you open your eyes, the only thing you’ll see is clear blue skies and you know for sure I must be dreaming just wake me up”) . The song is a up tempo song that reminds you to stop and smell the roses as it is once in a while

Next is the song “all the money in the world”. The song Has a mystical intro that is really buzzing. The persona in the song does not recognize the world that he is in(“the world we know has come undone”). He talks of despair and fear that has taken over no money in the world can fight.The song advises listeners that there are some problems that money can’t fix in. This advisory song is done so tastefully by the artist

The next song is called (“The chosen few”. The intro of this song is very snazzy. The song describes a chosen group of people who can see through the haze that he can’t seem to see through. The song will take you on very unique musical trip

The song that ends the album is called “when the morning comes”. The song Has an intro that will draw you in. The character in the song seems to have indulged in some drugs to escape his anxiety and knows he will have to face reality the next day(“when the morning comes and the drugs wear off there’s nothing you can do, anxiety will come for you”). The song doesn’t mention if these were prescribed or not but states that you can’t get a quick fix for your problems. The song is a lovely song with a very important message in it. The song does a perfect job of ending the album

This album was an eye opener for me. I was introduced to an elevated form of electronic music. The songs were intriguing, fun and had a message to say as well. Each song could stand on it’s own as a hit and collectively? Well that is a super mega punch the album was packing .Me & Melancholy is very talented and will take over the music scene just watch and see

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