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Greetings dearest reader and music fans, let’s welcome back to our digital space US artist Kelsie Kimberlin. I have had the honor and pleasure of listening to and reviewing her hit single “Parking Lot” and her beautiful album “The Drawer”. Her latest song is titled “Twinkle” and was released on 31st May. Let’s talk about the song in greater detail.

The song has a beautiful and inviting vibe right from the start which hooks you and reels you into the song

The song was released a day before Pride Month and introduces us to Dempsey, a 12-year-old transgender girl. Kelsie was smitten by this girl and her bravery in standing up and opposing laws and political statements which try to erase transgenders. Kelsie assures the girl that contrary to what people might think her journey through transition was not a mistake (” You are not a mistake, silver lining’s bright”). She enjoys Dempsey’s company and doesn’t fail to express that through her lyrics (” You fascinate me, twinkle little star”), Her description of Dempsey makes you feel as if you had met her too

The song was made in a very brilliant way. It is a pop song with cheery and vibrant instruments and Kelsie’s magical voice which breathes life into the song taking you on a journey to meet and appreciate Dempsey

Well, what can I say? Kelsie has shown another side of herself through this song. She reveals a bit of herself in every song or album she makes. This song is a brilliant way to kickstart Pride Month and proves to listeners that Kelsie is not just a shallow and pretty face but is also compassionate and loving toward every single person regardless of what they might identify as. Three cheers to Kelsie the pop star with a heart of gold

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