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Greetings, kind readers and admiring music lovers! Join us as we introduce the band Moon Metro to Germany. Moon Metro, composed of friends Paul Raabe & Julian Münsterjohann, was created as the idea of musical director Tillmann Frohberg (Goldmouth, Tilla). In 2023, the band made its live debut with the addition of drummer Richard Krause (Shocky). Released on May 17th, their debut EP “Explorer” takes listeners on a narrative journey through the hardships and victories of those pursuing independence and empowerment. Let’s discuss the EP’s specifics.

The title track is called “Time to Resign.”Pop indie sounds are present in the song. In the song, the character advises anyone who disagrees with him or initiates a disagreement to give up and resign instead of complaining (“time to resign”). The guitar solo in particular makes the song suspenseful! This guarantees enjoyment for listeners and makes you eager to hear the remainder of the EP.

“Near the Limb” is the next tune. Vibrant guitar notes open the tune. “I can smell your shame” is one of the song’s lines as it discusses the themes of obligation and shame. You will be captivated by the song’s mid-tempo guitar solo and be captivated throughout.

“Coronation Day” is the next song. In the song, the character is just trying to survive and make it through coronation day . The sounds in this song are top notch and it is mostly because of the guitar work making this a standout song

“The Court” is the song that follows it is yet another song proceeded by fantastic guitar sounds. The character in the song takes people out one after the other. The song provides a rich soundscape that you won’t want to leave

The song “Don’t Think and Retry” closes the EP. The nostalgic tune conjures up certain images in your head with its detailed lyrics. The song offers you the complete experience in every way imaginable. The EP closes with this beautiful song.

The Moon Metro EP was a fantastic sound to be heard! It is the culmination of the group’s collective effort and you can tell by the production quality, lyrics, and vocal performance that it was made with extreme care and love. Moon Metro did not come to play. Expect bigger and better things from them

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