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“Neon Heights” by The Screaming Pope is the topic for our blog today. The Screaming Pope is a band made up of George Bolton who plays the keyboard and assorted instruments. The band was started in 2020 and is based in Boston Massachusetts. “Neon Heights was released on 29th December and has a total of 14 songs. The album is basically about Hollywood or the idea of it. Bolton engineered all the songs in his home studio in Boston where he ran most of his album songs by his wife for thoughts like he does his previous albums. Relax and enjoy this very interesting review of mine.

“Movie Star” is the first song on the album. The song highlights the theme of the album which is Hollywood and is the perfect way to start the record. The song begins with a steady synth sound and electronic drum sound which is maintained throughout the song. The song is about the persona describing his lover or someone he’s interested in as a movie star he goes on to further describe that the person can fit on any screen he needs indicating the importance of the person’s presence in this persona’s life. The song has a cool and relaxed vibe and will take the attention audience on a lovely listening experience.

The next song on the album is “Pedal to the Floor” When the song begins, listeners are welcomed by cool guitar sounds and cowbell sounds and then the singer begins to sing, he talks about how he’s caught feelings for a stranger he’s seen dancing across the room at a party, now he’s smitten with her and asks if she would like to leave the party with him. It’s a risk but a risk he’s willing to take. The song’s cool vibe and lyrics make you feel as if you were watching the whole exchange unfold before your very eyes.

“Tunneling” begins with a funky bass line before it descends into synth sounds and a club beat that is a welcome change of pace. All the sounds are mixed to give it this 70s feel and will take listeners on a very exciting ride.

Next is “Tall, Dark, and Dangerous“ which begins with a dreamy and whimsical tone before the vocals set in. The persona sings of being guilty of loving someone who is tall, dark, and dangerous. We’ve all been there, a situation in a forbidden love type of relationship. This is a refreshing song and makes us all feel a little bit seen.

“What It Feels Like” is next and it begins with beautiful, pulsating electric piano sounds and dreamy synth sounds. The song talks about how it feels like when you hate yourself in secret. The song talks about relatability in a way and lets the listener know that he or she is not alone.

Next, we have “Neon Heights” which begins with a beautiful piano sound and beautiful vocals to match. The star and standout of this song is the majestic violin playing. The persona compares his or his lover’s eyes to neon heights and it’s various colors.

“Rain” is Pouring pivots the album somewhat as it begins with a darker tone and light darker. The song is a metaphor for a difficult time most probably heartbreak and how he saw it coming. The song becomes more immersive towards the end as The Screaming Pope inserts rain sounds into the song. This shows his state of mind as he performs this song.

“If You Wanna Vibe” is next on the list and the song surrounds you with synth sounds. The song talks about the persona telling another person most probably someone he’s interested in that he’s down for whatever activity. Be it dancing, jumping, drinking, or anything they’re open to. It’s a song encouraging having fun and will guarantee you a good time.

The next song on the album is “ When the Beat Drops” which has a synth club feel that encourages listeners to let loose and have a good time and unwind.

“Devotion” has a heavy drum intro before it cascades into this dreamy illusion-style sound. The sounds in this particular song are a lot but work surprisingly well with each other and ensure a good time.

“I Want You” is a slow blues-infused song with beautiful piano sounds intertwined with some electric and bass guitar sounds. The persona sings about how she’s so in love with her significant other. It’s love in its purest form as she sings about how she wants and needs her lover in this slow love jam.

“Mi Gusta” starts with a bass intro as the vocal performance continues in Spanish. Mi gusta roughly translates to “I like it” in English. The guitar sounds are beautifully arranged and the drum flourish at the end is a perfect way to end the song.

Next is “ I Won’t “ which shifts the album’s tone again with its electronic drums and synth sounds. The song talks about escaping bad feelings by not being there.

“The Battle” is the last song on the album and is so beautifully perfect. The song begins with dreamy piano sounds and violin sounds. In the song, the persona talks about how he or she is succeeding without the help of his or her significant other or without him or her j by her side. The song is an emotional yet beautiful climax to this great record and leaves a good and lasting impression on the listener.

“Neon Heights” by The Screaming Pope is a unique blend and arrangement of musical instruments by the screaming pope. Each song was different, and exciting and had something to say. The Spanish song was also a beautiful addition that listeners will love. The album is a beautiful piece of work and proves that The Screaming Pope is talented and most importantly is here to stay. Can’t wait to see what the band puts out next!

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