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Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise’ is your new favorite trashy reality show

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Netflix’s new reality TV show Surviving Paradise aired this Friday with a seemingly unoriginal concept — a bombshell cast hungry to win a $100,000 prize.

By all means, the series lacks significant, high-quality content, yet it’s ideal for mindless binge-watching because of the hilarious difficulties it continuously throws at the obnoxious yet entertaining ensemble. A dozen strangers, each more animated than the others, arrive at an opulent villa on a breathtaking island at the start of the play. They only know they will be competing for $100,000 and have no idea what duties are about to be thrown at them.

The grandeur-inspired applause is short-lived, though, as Jessimae, the host, steps in and the lights go off. The games have started, with an explanation that each participant must earn their place in the villa, beginning as “outsiders” residing in the woods. The goal of the game is to form reliable alliances in order to be elected back into the lavish life that everyone so much wants.

The entire show is full of twists and turns, so the entertainment value is more than adequate. Several times, I caught myself yelling at the TV, either in sheer amazement or excitement. The show completes a circle when it is revealed in the last episode that all of the ousted participants will choose the winner, highlighting the significance of forging solid alliances and providing an intriguing means of reviving all of the unresolved conflict. I was surprised by the result but also delighted with how it ended. The next time you’re looking for something to binge, I suggest this series if trashy TV is your thing.

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